Month: April 2005

  • I just hate that.  I really do.

    For years Don and I have watched "JAG."  Well, he watches it . . .
    I'm usually in the room at the computer, but still  - it's bred

    Tonight's the final episode of the series.  Harm gets made a
    commander in the Navy and is posted to London.  Mac is already a
    colonel, and she's posted to San Diego.  At the last moment, as
    they finish packing up their respective apartments, Harm proposes and
    is accepted.

    Hmmmm.  London?  San Diego?  Someone's gonna have to resign their commission.  But who?

    It ends with Bud flipping a JAG coin.  Mac called tails, meaning she'd be able to keep her career.

    The show stops with the coin in the air.  No resolution.

    That is so frustrating

  • New is the order of the day, t'would seem.   Elaine is back
    in Texas, searching for a new house, and now Kirstin just called to
    invite Don and me out to Keller on Sunday afternoon to check out the
    new house they signed a contract for this afternoon. 

    Closing date's May 27th, so they need to sell their current house
    ASAP.  The new realtor's a crackerjack, though, and it's being
    shown most days;  hopefully they'll find a buyer soon!

    It sounds wicked nice:  Two story, four bedroom, living room, den,
    game room, in a subdivision with a park and a swimming pool. 

    Here's the floorplan:

    I'm so pleased for them!  And Dmitry's already anticipating going down the corkscrew slide at the pool. 

  • Ha.  Welcome to the club, Indiana. 

    Misery loves company, y'know. 

    Indiana passes daylight-saving time bill

  • Feeling unappreciated?  Unloved?

    Then go here and insert your name when prompted. 

  • It is utterly astonishing what one sees as one makes the daily trek on
    the freeways to take Dmitry to school.  This morning there was one
    of those sudden, inexplicable everyone-grind-to-a-full-stop-for-no-discernible-reason snafus on the freeway, and I noticed that in the van ahead of me was a woman busily applying mascara. 

    In stop and go traffic, so she has to suddenly put on her brakes.  A mascara wand up around her eyes. 

    That doesn't seem real intelligent to me.

  • My poppets are home!  I just returned from collecting Elaine, Hal,
    and the girls at the airport and taking them to Mom's, where their cars
    had been delivered.  In a short while they'll pile into those cars
    and head to - ick - Dallas.  Just for a while, though . . .
    they're looking to find a house in Fort Worth, sensible people that
    they are. 

    My adorable nieces, as they wait the bags to come off the carousel.   They're TEXANS! 

  • Boy, that's irritating.

    Every month throughout the school year I've checked the school web site
    to print out the next month's lunch menu and order form.  Temple
    doesn't cook itself - lunches are provided by a catering firm, and must
    be preordered the month prior.  Annoying, but that's the way they
    do it.

    Frequently it's toward the end of the month before it gets put up, and
    last month it was put up the day it was due . . . very aggravating,

    However, not as aggravating as this month.  I just called the
    office to ask about it, to be told, yes, they're trying to get the bugs
    out and be more consistent about getting it online, but it was due in
    on the 20th.  Sorry.  It should have been passed out in
    homeroom and sent home with Dmitry.

    Well, most likely it was, only I have been printing it off the net and
    turning it in without his input, so why should he suddenly think maybe
    Mom needs the form?  I'd like to blame him (teenage boys are so
    doggone blameable, aren't they?), but just can't.  All year it'd
    been done without his input, except for choosing which days to take,
    and recently he's been buying every day.

    Having it on the web site each month then suddenly omitting it, however, was a crummy thing to do.

  • Good heavens, they're trying it again.  "There is nothing new under the sun" indeed. 

    'Superjumbo' A380 lands safely

    "Some passenger planes will have cocktail bars, double beds and massage
    parlors, while Airbus has suggested that selected jets may even have
    jacuzzis and mini-casinos."

    Okay, in the interest of fairness I must acknowledge the jacuzzis and massage parlors would be a new touch.

    But doubledecker jumbojets with cocktail bars and beds?

    Already been done.  Back in the 60's and/or early 70's. 

    Didn't fly.  Oh, in the physical
    sense they did, but they never really took off.  Wait . . . I mean
    there weren't many of them and they didn't pay.  OTOH, this time
    around the fuel consumption of these jets has been vastly improved
    ("said to be as efficient as an average family car"), but then the
    price of the fuel has really taken flight, so it might be a wash. 

  • Alex has his orders at last! 

    He and Beth should be heading for Tennessee in a couple of weeks.

    He's almost there.  His goal has been to sit down with "his" band
    and be able to relax, so to speak, and this is now in sight.  Hot

  • I'll never understand it, not if I live to be a thousand years old . .
    . someone taking a photograph of a person in acute distress. 

    There are a pair of toddlers missing in Georgia, and one of the
    internet news sites has on its front page a picture of their father
    sitting on what are presumably his front steps, weeping over a photo of
    his missing children. 

    It's a heartbreaking situation, likely to end in tragedy.  How
    does it help, shooting a picture of a man coming to grips with this
    nightmare that's engulfed him?

    Show photos of the missing children, sure.  That might do some good.  But of their distraught father?

    It's using him and his grief to nab readers' attention, and it's disgraceful.