April 28, 2005

  • It is utterly astonishing what one sees as one makes the daily trek on
    the freeways to take Dmitry to school.  This morning there was one
    of those sudden, inexplicable everyone-grind-to-a-full-stop-for-no-discernible-reason snafus on the freeway, and I noticed that in the van ahead of me was a woman busily applying mascara. 

    In stop and go traffic, so she has to suddenly put on her brakes.  A mascara wand up around her eyes. 

    That doesn't seem real intelligent to me.

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  • That isn't even close to intelligent. I'm so glad I rarely wear make-up. I do want to buy lipstick & mascara & powder before my sisters wedding though. And get contacts. Might as well go all out in the getting dressed up! I'm asking a co-worker (who goes to the ogle school) if she can do my hair - i'll pay her of course.

    I'm not used to driving in the mornings, I have a hard time with it. My son asked why I was taking him to school - he said Mommy you NEVER drive me to school.

  • I only slap on the warpaint for things such as weddings, too.

    It's not putting it on that's a problem...it's my tendency to have itchy eyes, plus I loathe having to take make-up off at night when I'm tired and just wanna go to bed. I brush my teeth and that's it.

  • Chapstick is about all I can manage to put on when I'm driving. Make-up is reserved only for when I scare myself in the mornings in the mirror....and even then, I'm apt to just brush my hair and teeth and pretend I look just fine....

  • A few nights ago I was in the left-turn lane coming out of a shopping plaza going onto the main road, with another shopping plaza entrance opposite. This is one of those deals where there are left turn arrows at different times in every direction, so the light sequence takes about 2 minutes.

    So FINALLY the green arrow comes on in my lane, and the SUV in front of me....sits there. And sits there. I can't go around because there's traffic moving on my left and a median on my right. I honk. No response. Finally, the light goes all red. I grind my teeth in frustration, and look for an opening to pull into the other left-turn lane and wait out the next sequence, thinking the vehicle must be disabled.

    Finally, at that moment, when the light is RED in all directions (including mine), the SUV takes its chances going STRAIGHT into the opposite plaza. Of course, now I can't go until the whole cycle comes around again and gives me an arrow.

    What do y'all think are the odds there was a cellphone involved here?

  • Pretty darn good odds. These days the majority of sitting-like-they're-glued at traffic lights, or 35mph-on-the-freeway driving, or almost any "What on earth is WRONG with that lunatic!?" driving can be readily explained by the cell phone clasped to their ear.

  • A tube of lipstick is an indepensible item that should be in every woman's vehicle.  Then, when you're especialy in a hurry and want the light to stay green so you can get through it, all you have to do is, while approaching the intersection, pull out your lipstick and act as though you want the light to turn red so you can stop and apply it.  The light, of course, sensing this desire on your part, will stay green.  Works every time.

  • I would never put on mascara while driving.

  • okay women sometimes do stupid things like putting on mascara in moving traffic, but my Jason sent me a video clip by email today that has GOT to top them all, and it involves a man.

    A man in a bar, with a shot of ???whiskey? and a lighter. You can imagine what the great idiot did, but it's hard to imagine the blue flames inside his mouth, the spewing fire across the room, the shirt in flames, the whole entire face with flame on it. sheesh.

  • If I were a woman...that's a scary thought...I think I'd have to be roadkill possum ugly to bother with face gunk except maybe on very special occasions. BLEH!

    - Dennis 

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