April 29, 2005

  • New is the order of the day, t'would seem.   Elaine is back
    in Texas, searching for a new house, and now Kirstin just called to
    invite Don and me out to Keller on Sunday afternoon to check out the
    new house they signed a contract for this afternoon. 

    Closing date's May 27th, so they need to sell their current house
    ASAP.  The new realtor's a crackerjack, though, and it's being
    shown most days;  hopefully they'll find a buyer soon!

    It sounds wicked nice:  Two story, four bedroom, living room, den,
    game room, in a subdivision with a park and a swimming pool. 

    Here's the floorplan:

    I'm so pleased for them!  And Dmitry's already anticipating going down the corkscrew slide at the pool. 

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