April 29, 2005

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  • Well, I think that’s just terrible. 

    Poor Eleanor, I’m so sorry your state caved in.

  • Rich is too.  I’m not sure there is a name that isn’t a bad word that he hasn’t called the governor, and he can be very creative.

  • Only MOST of AZ lives in defiance of the Satanic contrivance that is DSL?!! Seriously, tho, if AZ caves too I’ll be bummed. Even tho I haven’t lived there since early ’02. In my dispy days back in CA not once but TWICE I feared I’d missed the Rapture because I showed up at church an hour early not knowing I was early. Forget to adjust the clock you see. I haven’t admitted it  previously but that really was the key to me eventually becoming postmil.  

    Although the defiance could be a bummer AFA national radio shows not being aired totally live part of the year.

    - Dennis

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