April 29, 2005

  • I just hate that.  I really do.

    For years Don and I have watched "JAG."  Well, he watches it . . .
    I'm usually in the room at the computer, but still  - it's bred

    Tonight's the final episode of the series.  Harm gets made a
    commander in the Navy and is posted to London.  Mac is already a
    colonel, and she's posted to San Diego.  At the last moment, as
    they finish packing up their respective apartments, Harm proposes and
    is accepted.

    Hmmmm.  London?  San Diego?  Someone's gonna have to resign their commission.  But who?

    It ends with Bud flipping a JAG coin.  Mac called tails, meaning she'd be able to keep her career.

    The show stops with the coin in the air.  No resolution.

    That is so frustrating

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  • That was DUMB! What a stupid way to end a show!

    I was irritated. (I've watched it all along too, for much the same reasons.) Dumb, Dumb, DUMB!

    BTW, Harm already was a commander - he was made a captain.



  • Whatever.

    You know what's really dumb? Dumber'n dumb? Dumber'n dirt dumb?

    I've actually spent time trying to decide which way would make most sense. OTOH, if they've families, they're doubtless in America, plus it'd be easier for Harm to get licensed to practice law in California, so maybe he ought to resign.

    OTOH, the impression I got was the London appointment was a real coup, a big step up, and anyway, assuming they have kids, Mac'll probably want to stay home with the babies, so she'd wind up resigning anyway eventually...

    Yet another reason I don't watch much television. I get too wrapped up in it.

  • I don't even want to hear what you people say after the last episode of American Idol.  I, of course, KNEW the finale of JAG would be dumb so I never ever watched one episode.  Once again, age trumps youth. 

  • Never watched "American Idol", so shan't have any opinion about it, I regret to say.

  • Sounds pretty typical of today's culture: you choose the ending.

  • American Idol and JAG can't be compared. Pulleeeze.

    *rolling eyes*

    I liked JAG. Even watch reruns on USA if Faron's in control of the clicker. But throughout the entire length of Mac's involvement of the show, they've been extremely silly about the romance - or lack thereof - with Harm. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb!

    So there.



  • I used American Idol as an example.  I've never watched even one reality show.  Would Everybody Loves Raymond have been a better example? 

  • Don likes that show, so I'm quite familiar with it.

    How Raymond and Deborah stayed married (in the show) baffles me. They're so hateful to each other! It'd chase me right out of the living room.

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