April 27, 2005

  • My poppets are home!  I just returned from collecting Elaine, Hal,
    and the girls at the airport and taking them to Mom's, where their cars
    had been delivered.  In a short while they'll pile into those cars
    and head to - ick - Dallas.  Just for a while, though . . .
    they're looking to find a house in Fort Worth, sensible people that
    they are. 

    My adorable nieces, as they wait the bags to come off the carousel.   They're TEXANS! 

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  • The house next door to us is for sale. It's pretty cute, totally a "starter home" though. They are asking 89,900. The house on the other side is empty, I don't know if it'll be for sale or rent or what.

  • They're hoping to be close to Mom and Dad, though. Thanks anyway!

  • Glad they made it safely, hope they get settled in quickly.

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