April 27, 2005

  • Boy, that's irritating.

    Every month throughout the school year I've checked the school web site
    to print out the next month's lunch menu and order form.  Temple
    doesn't cook itself - lunches are provided by a catering firm, and must
    be preordered the month prior.  Annoying, but that's the way they
    do it.

    Frequently it's toward the end of the month before it gets put up, and
    last month it was put up the day it was due . . . very aggravating,

    However, not as aggravating as this month.  I just called the
    office to ask about it, to be told, yes, they're trying to get the bugs
    out and be more consistent about getting it online, but it was due in
    on the 20th.  Sorry.  It should have been passed out in
    homeroom and sent home with Dmitry.

    Well, most likely it was, only I have been printing it off the net and
    turning it in without his input, so why should he suddenly think maybe
    Mom needs the form?  I'd like to blame him (teenage boys are so
    doggone blameable, aren't they?), but just can't.  All year it'd
    been done without his input, except for choosing which days to take,
    and recently he's been buying every day.

    Having it on the web site each month then suddenly omitting it, however, was a crummy thing to do.

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  • We didnt get ours turned in for May, but J is only in school next week anyway then Kindergarden is finished. So he'll just be bringing lunch from home!

  • Fortunately Dmitry is out on May 18th, and Thursday is pizza day in any case, so I daresay we can manage for the short time left. He surely wishes he were out as quickly as your son is!

    The closer the end of school gets, the slo-o-o-ower time is going for him. Funny how that works.

  • Man I was wishing my osn could stay till the 18th *G* I'm not quite ready for summer yet. My sisters getting married may 30 & theres so much to do and i'm feeling so overwhelmed right now.

  • They ought to e-mail them out, is what they oughta do. I always appreciate getting stuff e-mailed, even if I get it in print, because whoknowswhere print stuff winds up.

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