April 27, 2005

  • Good heavens, they're trying it again.  "There is nothing new under the sun" indeed. 

    'Superjumbo' A380 lands safely

    "Some passenger planes will have cocktail bars, double beds and massage
    parlors, while Airbus has suggested that selected jets may even have
    jacuzzis and mini-casinos."

    Okay, in the interest of fairness I must acknowledge the jacuzzis and massage parlors would be a new touch.

    But doubledecker jumbojets with cocktail bars and beds?

    Already been done.  Back in the 60's and/or early 70's. 

    Didn't fly.  Oh, in the physical
    sense they did, but they never really took off.  Wait . . . I mean
    there weren't many of them and they didn't pay.  OTOH, this time
    around the fuel consumption of these jets has been vastly improved
    ("said to be as efficient as an average family car"), but then the
    price of the fuel has really taken flight, so it might be a wash. 

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  • Hmmm...it occurs to me, though, that our society has become a lot more luxurious and service-oriented since the 60's and 70's. Think of how much is spent by how many people on things that are pure indulgence, whether large or small. From Starbucks to iPods to Day Spas...well, you get the idea.

    BTW, that last paragraph was a hoot.

  • What I can't figure out is where the heck they're gonna land? Few airports have runways long enough to handle them.

    That's a good point, BTW. Whaddaya wanna bet the lower level will be the cheap seats, while the upper level will be reserved for The Good Stuff?

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