November 7, 2012

  • The imagination – and peculiar taste – of vodka distilleries never ceases to amaze me.

    This afternoon I made a run to Goody Goody, and while searching for a value-priced vodka, stumbled across these new flavor offerings:


    Glazed Donut vodka?  That sounds seriously revolting.  Can’t even imagine what one would mix it with.  

    Perhaps this is intended to be the libation of choice when watching a movie?  

    Were Don still alive, I swear I’d be tempted to buy this Jalapeno-flavored vodka, except he’d have looked at me – justly – as if I’d lost my mind.  And the Salted Caramel vodka next to it isn’t much of an improvement.

    What’s wrong with a splash of lime juice and some Sprite, eh?  Getting so it’s hard to locate ordinary, unadulterated vodka amidst the plethora of flavored stuff.  The world is going to the dogs, no doubt about it.  Glazed Donut vodka?  May it never be!


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