October 31, 2012

  • Halloween party at Kirstin’s house.

    Kirstin’s block in Keller has a Halloween party each year, with families taking turns hosting it.  Bethany – Kirstin’s eldest – had expressed a strong desire to host the party and talked about all the keen ideas she had for it.  Kirstin, being up to her ears in activities (as when is she not?) demurred at first, but I encouraged her to go ahead and let Bethany have it.

    I trust this sin, or at least significant lack of judgment, was covered by the blood of Christ for the burden of the party fell on Kirstin, with Bethany fretting about her costume until after the party was under way.  I’ve apologized to Kirstin a few times, but am adding this public one to the mix.  As I pointed out, however, this should take care of their family’s obligation for several years.  

    Tell you what was annoying as all get out, and that was after Kirstin called Little Caesar’s to place her order for pizzas and was told it’d be about 15 minutes, I went to get them and what with munching chips and queso and guacamole and then rush-hour traffic on Alta Vista, it was a good while before I made it to the pizza place.  Once there it was to discover it was packed full of people who were waiting for their orders, including one woman who had called hers in the day before!  Apparently they weren’t actually processing orders until someone showed up to pay for it.  Ordering several pizzas for Halloween parties appears to be The Thing To Do in Keller, based upon the stacks of pizza boxes walking out the door at regular intervals.  While standing and waiting, I would hear one employee tell a new customer it’d be twenty minutes, while another employee would tell someone else it was going to be close to an hour.  Sheesh!

    However, all is well and neighbors were enthusiastically chowing down on pizza after I arrived with them, even with the magnificent bounty provided by various families.  Yum!  Plus, I brought two pizzas home for the guys, who were very pleased to see them. Pizza never, ever goes to waste around here.

    Here is Kirstin’s sister-in-law, Jennifer, with Bethany, who was dressed as “Thing 2″:

    A gaggle of neighborhood kids – including darling Brielle in the pink – posing for a photo op:

    Matt with his father (before the majority of goodies arrived) and Bryson, who was a “Cool Ghoul,” according to the description on his costume’s package:

    Bethany with some of the neighbors, including a guest sporting a fairy costume (I fear that, being the decorative-deficient person I am, I settled for black pants, an orange t-shirt, and black-and-orange bat earrings):

    Matt’s father took Brielle on a sight-seeing tour of the neighbor’s blow-up decorations:

    It was a lovely evening!  One thing I enjoy about Kirstin’s area is how many trick-or-treaters I saw as I drove home.  Our solitary bag of miniature Snickers is sitting here unmolested, but they’d be long gone if I lived in Keller.  

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