June 8, 2013

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  • There should an “export” feature in your dashboard. Be sure to select “export all” so that you get everything.

    As for importing into a new blog (e.g., WordPress), that’s another matter. In WordPress it’s in the dashboard, under tools. It should create file that ends with .xml

    If that happens, you’re good, as they say. You can import that into a new blog.


  • Thank you, Dr. Clark! I can’t find the “export” feature, though. Not perfectly certain what qualifies as my dashboard, come to that. I click on my Xanga name and go to the page with subscriptions, etc. If that’s not the dashboard, then I don’t know where it is.

    Thick as a brick, that’s me. :sigh:

  • Yikes! Haven’t seen that.

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