Month: February 2010

  • Well, the tickets are purchased.

    Dmitry and Zhenya leave on May 23d from Houston for Russia, returning on June 20th.

    Dmitry's filling out his passport application right now; we'll go to the post office tomorrow afternoon.  AAMOF, my passport has expired so it needs to be renewed, seeing as how less than a month after the boys return, I'll be heading out on the cruise with Mom!  We'll massacre three birds with one stone. 

    Their plan is to poke around Moscow for a day or two, then separate, with Zhenya going to Shumerlya and Dmitry heading to the town I can never remember where Sveta lives.  It's a 12 hour train ride! 

    Mind, Don and I made the thirteen hour trip to Cheboksary and back, but at least we had each other and experienced Russian travelers.  I am sure Dmitry will manage nicely.  He's very sensible.

    Won't Sveta be surprised!  Wish I could be present when they see each other again after six and a half years, but perhaps someone will take pictures.

  • Low cut costumes are bad enough on women...

    .....but they're even worse on men, ISTM.  Of course, to be fair, neither the men nor the women in ice skating actually have low-cut outfits  -  they're flesh colored in places  -  but it still looks tacky.  Particularly when the pair is skating to "Ave Maria" and some other theological song.

    On the whole, the ice dancing free skate has been phenomenal! The last team, the Russian pair who did that weird "aboriginal" dance, is skating now.

  • The possibility of snow tomorrow remains in place.

    Technically we're under a winter weather advisory, though surely if there's any, it won't be much.  Of course, that's what I said last time and here came a foot of snow.

    Sheesh.  May as well live in Lubbock or someplace like that. 

    BTW, I had an absolute brainstorm at Lowe's a week or two ago.  Years ago I'd gotten a very small spatula from The Pampered Chef and loved it.  One of my favorite things in my kitchen, in fact.  Sadly, it disappeared a few months ago and I could never find another.  Well, barring ordering another from TPC.  By itself it's only a few dollars but add on the s/h and it'd get a bit pricey.

    Well.  I was at Lowe's with Kenny (as usual!) and idly looking around while he was searching for something paint-related, and noticed the spacklers or whatever they're called.  They look like flattened-out spatulas, but lo and behold, there was a small one with an angled handle! 

    Four bucks.  

    Best darn little spatula for bar cookies I've ever had. The corner is sharp so it cuts a treat, and is the perfect size for cookies and anything else small.

    So if you've been wanting something along those lines, head to the hardware store. 

    On another topic, there's an election on March 2 and I'm about to freak, I'm so ready for it to be o-v-e-r.  The mailbox is laden with those big postcard-type things, and honest to goodness, it feels as if half the phone calls are automated ones in favor of one politician or another. 

  • Another winter weather event?

    Surely not.  That would be beyond bizarre.

    Been watching the Winter Games and for the most part the ads in them are not terrific.  I'm getting really tired of the Nationwide ads...the original one about "The world's best spokesman in the world" was dopey, but the succeeding ad is even worse.  It doesn't seem to make sense, or explain why anyone should get their insurance through Nationwide.  

    The Chevy ads are good.  Makes me want to get either a Traverse or Equinox.  ;^)

    Tonight begins my favorite figure skating event, i.e. ice dancing!  Woo-hoo!  

    Last night wrapped up the men's individual figure skating competition, and I need to ask the boys what's the Russian for "sore loser".  Plushenko looked like he was chewing a lime when he was on the award stand, and apparently he's been mouthing off ever since, complaining about not getting the gold.  I didn't think he deserved it, frankly.  His short program left me stone busy, with him waving his arms all over the place.  Evan Lysacek skated better, and more difficult programs.

    Says she who can't skate across an ice rink.  Horizontally. 

    The ads for upcoming movies and television shows are also less than compelling.  So far there's not a one I'm interested in seeing.  The worst of the lot has to be that "marriage" show with Jerry Seinfeld and whatshisname. 

    Just finished watching Allison Reed (IIRC) and her partner, and while her skating was excellent, I'm taken aback by the fact she's only 15 years old, she is representing the nation of Georgia, a country she has never set foot in (though she's planning on visiting it this summer, now that she's a citizen and all).  The commentator acknowledged that changing one's nationality for the sole purpose of competing in the Olympic might seem odd to some but if one is passionate about skating and the opportunity presents itself, why not?

    Call me Some, because it most assuredly seems odd to me.  Certainly there are legitimate reasons for changing one's nationality....marriage or adoption, for two.  But simply because it facilitates one's ability to compete?  Presumably Allison either fears she wouldn't be able to cut the mustard and represent the USA (she's from Warren, MI), or she's all about shortcuts.

    So far's I'm concerned, she can go to Georgia this summer and stay there. 

  • How is everyone's February going so far?

    Mine's doing well, especially when contrasted with a friend of mine (single woman of 50 with a history of cancer) who was unexpectedly laid off yesterday.  :^(

    Last night was choir practice - including the first practice for Easter, can you believe it?  Tenebrae rehearsals kick in the second week of March, as well.  I've been in the Christ Chapel choir for over a year and it's been an enormous blessing in my life.  The people are committed Christians and prayer warriors, and it's humbling to be included in their number.  When I compare where I was a year ago with where I am now, the difference is astonishing.  Which isn't unexpected, naturally, but still welcome.  It's wonderful to look forward to things again in this earthly realm, along with a near-constant eagerness for the resurrected world to come.  Still sneak peaks to the east, hoping to see Christ coming with an untold number of angels, and trumpets blaring, and fire flashing!

    Odds are it won't happen in my tenure on the planet, but by golly, one never knows, does one?  He's coming sometime, and it seems to me this is as good a time as any.  

    Very likely most of y'all are aware of the snow storm (amounting to a blizzard in places) that happened a week ago?  Boy howdy, was THAT a surprise!  The Russians were extremely pleased about it, declaring they hadn't seen this much snow since they were back in Russia.

    That was the view of our backyard.  Dmitry tickled me by throwing a snowball just as he did the February after he arrived home:

    I need to see if I can located that photo from six years ago.  Here's Zhenya with his snow-covered car:

    The cats were fascinated by the white stuff outside and tried to get out to play in it, but I wouldn't let them.  Did get a fun shot of Magellan, who was startled by the flash:

    That's Twilight in the background.  The snow didn't stop Carolyn and her parents and Dmitry from heading down for their already-planned trip to Galveston to see the Mardi Gras parades that weekend.  No snow there, but lots of people. 

    Isn't that a darling photo of Carolyn in her Mardi Gras mask.  I'd love to have a mask like that.  I'd also like to get inside a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory again.

    A nice picture of Dmitry, I thought. 

    The other evening Kirsten, my eldest grandchild, came over and I got some pix of Jessica and her girls:

    First there's the obligatory one with Brianna being silly, of course:

    Then she straightened up and cooperated:

    On of my favorite pictures in the world!  Aren't they precious?  And here's on of Kirsten alone:

    Did I post the picture of what happens when toddler meets mascara?

    BION, Jessica was able to get it off.  We send out such mixed messages to children, you know it?  OTOH they hear "Bridgette LYNNE!  Look at you!  Bad girl!"  but then out comes the camera for a photo.

    Um, am I in trouble or not, she must have wondered.

    Yesterday morning Joe kindly came over early with his pick-up truck to help Kenny load the pantry he'd made for me in his shed.  Kenny said when they wrestled the big ol' thing out the back yard gate and into the front yard, a man across the street stared, then solemnly removed his cap and laid it across his chest.  It must have been very funny!

    Anyway, I simply love it!  It's terrific how all I need to do is tell Kenny I'd like a pantry built and he takes over and creates a masterpiece.  Check it out:

    Isn't that the coolest thing you've ever seen?  Kenny says the man with the cap gave him an idea, and he'd like to be buried in it.  I said we'll see. 

  • It's getting closer.....

    Dmitry came home from school and said he finished Spanish, so only the TAKS science test stands between him and a high school diploma!  He has all the credits he needs, and has passed three of the four TAKS tests. 

    Please pray he can get back up to speed with science, as he's been concentrating on Spanish.  He almost passed it last fall, so if he studies hard between now and April (I think that's when the TAKS tests are given) he's sure to make it this time. 

  • FINANCING? For skin care? To having glowing skin?

    Recently there have been a lot of radio ads for some sauna/massage/skin treatment place (with, I regret to tell its marketing people, a name I can never recall).  Today for the first time I heard one that waxed eloquent (waxed?  skin place?  get it?  hohoho!) about how fresh, glowing skin utterly transforms one, and this establishment can give you just such a look, and financing is available.

    Alright, I realize when someone charges skin care products and cosmetics on a card, that's tacitly "financing" the purchase, but this sounds like buying a car, forcryingoutloud. 

    ISTM financing intangibles such as Lasik and beauty treatments isn't financially prudent.  Surely if one can afford to pay for these electives at all, one should be able to simply PAY for them outright?  I'd think the interest rate would be frightful, too.  Lower interest rates are for things that can be repossessed such as houses and cars, not services.