February 19, 2010

  • How is everyone's February going so far?

    Mine's doing well, especially when contrasted with a friend of mine (single woman of 50 with a history of cancer) who was unexpectedly laid off yesterday.  :^(

    Last night was choir practice - including the first practice for Easter, can you believe it?  Tenebrae rehearsals kick in the second week of March, as well.  I've been in the Christ Chapel choir for over a year and it's been an enormous blessing in my life.  The people are committed Christians and prayer warriors, and it's humbling to be included in their number.  When I compare where I was a year ago with where I am now, the difference is astonishing.  Which isn't unexpected, naturally, but still welcome.  It's wonderful to look forward to things again in this earthly realm, along with a near-constant eagerness for the resurrected world to come.  Still sneak peaks to the east, hoping to see Christ coming with an untold number of angels, and trumpets blaring, and fire flashing!

    Odds are it won't happen in my tenure on the planet, but by golly, one never knows, does one?  He's coming sometime, and it seems to me this is as good a time as any.  

    Very likely most of y'all are aware of the snow storm (amounting to a blizzard in places) that happened a week ago?  Boy howdy, was THAT a surprise!  The Russians were extremely pleased about it, declaring they hadn't seen this much snow since they were back in Russia.

    That was the view of our backyard.  Dmitry tickled me by throwing a snowball just as he did the February after he arrived home:

    I need to see if I can located that photo from six years ago.  Here's Zhenya with his snow-covered car:

    The cats were fascinated by the white stuff outside and tried to get out to play in it, but I wouldn't let them.  Did get a fun shot of Magellan, who was startled by the flash:

    That's Twilight in the background.  The snow didn't stop Carolyn and her parents and Dmitry from heading down for their already-planned trip to Galveston to see the Mardi Gras parades that weekend.  No snow there, but lots of people. 

    Isn't that a darling photo of Carolyn in her Mardi Gras mask.  I'd love to have a mask like that.  I'd also like to get inside a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory again.

    A nice picture of Dmitry, I thought. 

    The other evening Kirsten, my eldest grandchild, came over and I got some pix of Jessica and her girls:

    First there's the obligatory one with Brianna being silly, of course:

    Then she straightened up and cooperated:

    On of my favorite pictures in the world!  Aren't they precious?  And here's on of Kirsten alone:

    Did I post the picture of what happens when toddler meets mascara?

    BION, Jessica was able to get it off.  We send out such mixed messages to children, you know it?  OTOH they hear "Bridgette LYNNE!  Look at you!  Bad girl!"  but then out comes the camera for a photo.

    Um, am I in trouble or not, she must have wondered.

    Yesterday morning Joe kindly came over early with his pick-up truck to help Kenny load the pantry he'd made for me in his shed.  Kenny said when they wrestled the big ol' thing out the back yard gate and into the front yard, a man across the street stared, then solemnly removed his cap and laid it across his chest.  It must have been very funny!

    Anyway, I simply love it!  It's terrific how all I need to do is tell Kenny I'd like a pantry built and he takes over and creates a masterpiece.  Check it out:

    Isn't that the coolest thing you've ever seen?  Kenny says the man with the cap gave him an idea, and he'd like to be buried in it.  I said we'll see. 

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  • Thank goodness it wasn't fancy "never comes off" mascara! I have some lipstick that I would never use if I had toddlers in the house -- I can't even fix it if I make a mistake!

    February's been good here, but sooooo dreary weather-wise. Not horrible, but dreary. I am so ready for even the first signs of spring!

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