February 1, 2010

  • FINANCING? For skin care? To having glowing skin?

    Recently there have been a lot of radio ads for some sauna/massage/skin treatment place (with, I regret to tell its marketing people, a name I can never recall).  Today for the first time I heard one that waxed eloquent (waxed?  skin place?  get it?  hohoho!) about how fresh, glowing skin utterly transforms one, and this establishment can give you just such a look, and financing is available.

    Alright, I realize when someone charges skin care products and cosmetics on a card, that's tacitly "financing" the purchase, but this sounds like buying a car, forcryingoutloud. 

    ISTM financing intangibles such as Lasik and beauty treatments isn't financially prudent.  Surely if one can afford to pay for these electives at all, one should be able to simply PAY for them outright?  I'd think the interest rate would be frightful, too.  Lower interest rates are for things that can be repossessed such as houses and cars, not services.

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  • And I bet that "financing" is a major selling point! Scary.


  • I agree, but hey, if you can finance a TV, this doesn't really sound too different. Even though a TV is tangible, it's an illusion that you can resell it for anything like its purchase price if you need to cover the debt.

  • A young woman whose blog I follow said the other day that she wanted to get her hair dyed but didn't have $200 to spend on it that day.  $200 to have your hair dyed?  I'd want a whole new head for that.

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