February 23, 2010

  • Well, the tickets are purchased.

    Dmitry and Zhenya leave on May 23d from Houston for Russia, returning on June 20th.

    Dmitry’s filling out his passport application right now; we’ll go to the post office tomorrow afternoon.  AAMOF, my passport has expired so it needs to be renewed, seeing as how less than a month after the boys return, I’ll be heading out on the cruise with Mom!  We’ll massacre three birds with one stone. 

    Their plan is to poke around Moscow for a day or two, then separate, with Zhenya going to Shumerlya and Dmitry heading to the town I can never remember where Sveta lives.  It’s a 12 hour train ride! 

    Mind, Don and I made the thirteen hour trip to Cheboksary and back, but at least we had each other and experienced Russian travelers.  I am sure Dmitry will manage nicely.  He’s very sensible.

    Won’t Sveta be surprised!  Wish I could be present when they see each other again after six and a half years, but perhaps someone will take pictures.

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  • Great that he knows the language especially. Remind us when he goes, and I’ll pray for him.

  • Yes, please remind us when he leaves and I’ll pray for him (and you)

  • How fun! When is Dima’s graduation?

  • The downside to this is that he won’t be here for his official graduation, so I’ll arrange a private graduation for him. I’m hoping to get one of his favorite teachers to present his diploma.

    Carolyn was less than thrilled to learn that not only is he going to be gone for four weeks, he won’t be there for her graduation. Turns out both Southwest’s and Premier’s are on June 5th, however, so it’s quite likely there’d have been a conflict in any case. :whew:

  • Ray and I were graduated from different colleges only 10 miles apart at the same hour of the same day, and we were almost engaged at that point. Twenty-two years later it just doesn’t matter. (Not that we didn’t think it a shame at the time!) :wink-wink:

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