February 22, 2010

  • Low cut costumes are bad enough on women...

    .....but they're even worse on men, ISTM.  Of course, to be fair, neither the men nor the women in ice skating actually have low-cut outfits  -  they're flesh colored in places  -  but it still looks tacky.  Particularly when the pair is skating to "Ave Maria" and some other theological song.

    On the whole, the ice dancing free skate has been phenomenal! The last team, the Russian pair who did that weird "aboriginal" dance, is skating now.

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  • Actually, one of the American pairs men had a genuinely low cut costume -- you could tell by the moles on his chest. Ick. But some of those ice dance costumes, flesh colored or no, just look appalling. They'd be positively indecent if they were "real," and it's really not much more modest to pretend you're mostly naked. :what:

    My rabbit ears just would not do their job last night so I didn't get to see the ice dance final. :so-sad:

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