Month: October 2006

  • Three hours to go!

    At one minute past midnight is the Official Start of NaNoWriMo!  e-cheerleader

    Got something of a plot (though I’m rather hazy as to how it’s going to end) and some characters, so all things considered I’m in pretty good shape.

    I hope to maybe get in 500-1000 words tonight. 

    Hoping’s free. 

  • The Halloween counter is On.  The Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and snack-sized Snickers have been waiting in the bowl since the afternoon.  The porch lights are on.

    Number of trick-or-treaters served by…
    6:45 p.m.   0

    7:40         3!  

    8:15         still 3, plus a UPS man  (offered him some candy, but he civilly refused, saying he’d already had so much candy his teeth are in danger of falling out)

  • NaNoWriMo Kick-Off Party!

    It was this evening – well, late afternoon – at the Crystal’s Pizza in
    Irving, and to my intense pleasure I was able to meet Aisling, aka:
    Justagirl, and her precious poppet, Aralyn:


    one of the NaNo participants from foreign parts….Plano!….kindly
    took the photo for us.  ;^)  Here’s our table, where only Aisling and
    Aralyn paid attention:


    Sigh.  Okay, it’s not my best work.  I haven’t developed Jeanne’s knack for arranging people so they’re actually looking at the camera
    Need to work on that, obviously.  There were a few dozen people
    present, which I think is darn good, considering most of us don’t know
    each other, and had to drive a goodish distance to get to Irving.  By
    having something of a plot in mind, I was an anomaly at the table, as
    the rest of ‘em are counting on literary inspiration to drop on them
    come the 1st like so much manna in the wilderness.

    We’ll see.  Admittedly, I’m going to look really lame if I don’t finish, but the no-plot-no-problem group zooms merrily past the finish line. 

  • Ghostbusters!

    Brianna’s third from the left.

  • This evening Don and I went to see Brianna in her annual appearance with the North Richland Hills Dancers at the city’s Hoot-n-Howl.  First person we found was Taylor, Brianna’s paternal grandmother, who was going to a Halloween party afterward, so thought “What the heck…”

    Oct06 040

    Tracked down Brianna standing in line with her group, waiting their turn:

    Oct06 041

    At last it was show time!

    Oct06 050

    After their dance, Brianna quickly donned her Halloween costume for us to see:

    Oct06 056

    Isn’t she darling?  She’s a Drama Witch.  (Could make a comment here, but won’t.)  To her dismay, Jessica refused to allow her to keep the costume on, instead getting ready for the next dance:

    Oct06 057

    In between the dance segments there was a puppeteer, who was quite skilled.  I recall as a child attempting to make puppets do something, but nothing much happened other than the strings becoming entangled.  This guy obviously figured out the knack:

    Oct06 065

    Oct06 067

    Love this sneaky shot taken of Don and Jessica:

    Oct06 071

    Finally it was time for the last dance, the music for which was the theme from Ghostbusters:

    Oct06 073

    I took a video of the dance, and if only Xanga or YouTube would cooperate, will post it.  So far neither site is minding its manners worth a flip.  

  • Bwah-ha-ha!  That’s what they get for living on the other side of the world.  e-nogood

    Beth posted a link to an on-line album of pix taken by her friend when they were at that Japanese hot springs/bath place on the 24th.  It was discovered as Beth prepares to leave for a nice weekend outing with Alex, Hannah, and some of their friends.

    The field is clear, in other words. 

    I didn’t cull many…just a few.  e-batting

    For those who didn’t make their way to Beth’s blog, she and a friend went to an elaborate “park”, I guess you’d call it, featuring various baths….coffee bath, green tea bath, sake bath, charcoal bath, etc.  Check out the “kiddie bath”:

    Kiddie pool

    Would the grandkids and nieces get a kick out of that or what?

    A favorite of Americans and Japanese alike appears to be the wine bath:

    Wine bath

    Yes, Hannah, that IS a big bottle!

    Big bottle

    And I’ll tell you what, I’m not positive I could really dive into green water….it’d require some playing with first:

    Green water

    Look at the Japanese-style jackets!  Goin’ native, that’s what they’re doing.  Will be forgetting their English next. 


    That’d be such a cool place to go. 

  • Got to give the prez of Park Cities his due, apparently he actually did listen to the neighbors who gathered last night to tell him why they’re not enthralled at the proposed building’s placement, for I just received a email from the Arlington Heights Neighborhood Asso. president:

    B.A., the architect for the Park Cities Bank, has asked me to inform the group that the bank will be withdrawing all of their variance requests at the Board of Adjustment meeting on November 1. They are going to Plan B and moving the bank to the corner of Tremont.  The drive-through will empty out on to Camp Bowie, not on to Hillcrest. Plan B will require no variances.

    Very good!  I’m quite pleased, mostly to find the bank is clearly determined to not start off on the wrong foot in the neighborhood. 

  • It’s not that I don’t support breast cancer research, for I surely do (we have a history of it in my family, in fact), but darn it, this just doesn’t look right:


    The Chicken Noodle Soup in pink and white cans was even creepier. 

  • I consider myself tagged by Fortworthguy.  

    1) Grab the nearest book.

    2) Open the book to page 123.

    3) Find the fifth sentence.

    4) Post the text of the next four sentences on your blog along with these instructions.

    5) Don’t you dare dig for that “cool” or “intellectual” book in your closet. Just pick up whatever is closest.

    6) Tag five people.

    “All right, Tess,” he said conversationally when he’d finally gotten it lit, “search.”  And off she went, trotting diagonally toward the southern end of the cove.  She hadn’t gone more than twenty yards before she came to an abrupt stop.  Her nose, which had been an inch or so off the sand, now went right down to it.

    From “Unnatural Selection” by Aaron Elkins.

    Y’all’s turn, if you’ve a mind to!  Either in the comments here or on your own blog. 

  • Snuffle. Sniffle. WAH!