October 27, 2006

  • It's not that I don't support breast cancer research, for I surely do (we have a history of it in my family, in fact), but darn it, this just doesn't look right:


    The Chicken Noodle Soup in pink and white cans was even creepier. 

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  • but they were cheaper at the Kroger's in Oak Ridge that the red & white cans were, so I bought 5 chicken noodles last night, all the time thinking, this just doesn't feel right!

  • Has there been any advertising? How much is contributed by Heinz?? Anything? Odd.

  • Not trying to put y'all on a false trail or mess with anyone's conscience, but recently I've heard that the Komen foundation, which benefits from this Pink-everything (I bought pink Energizer batteries a few months back) campaign is to some degree mixed up with Planned Parenthood. It might be worth checking out.

    It sort of looks like the ink on the labels just didn't take, doesn't it?

  • More likely it's due to having been snapped with my cameraphone. ;^)

  • You mean the labels aren't pink instead of tomato red? The ones in the middle row on the right look as though the photo renders the color right, but as though instead of being the red they should be, the ink didn't take on the label, so they came out "breast cancer pink," whatever that is supposed to signify. That's what I meant.

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