October 29, 2006

  • NaNoWriMo Kick-Off Party!

    It was this evening - well, late afternoon - at the Crystal's Pizza in
    Irving, and to my intense pleasure I was able to meet Aisling, aka:
    Justagirl, and her precious poppet, Aralyn:


    one of the NaNo participants from foreign parts....Plano!....kindly
    took the photo for us.  ;^)  Here's our table, where only Aisling and
    Aralyn paid attention:


    Sigh.  Okay, it's not my best work.  I haven't developed Jeanne's knack for arranging people so they're actually looking at the camera
    Need to work on that, obviously.  There were a few dozen people
    present, which I think is darn good, considering most of us don't know
    each other, and had to drive a goodish distance to get to Irving.  By
    having something of a plot in mind, I was an anomaly at the table, as
    the rest of 'em are counting on literary inspiration to drop on them
    come the 1st like so much manna in the wilderness.

    We'll see.  Admittedly, I'm going to look really lame if I don't finish, but the no-plot-no-problem group zooms merrily past the finish line. 

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  • Have you shared your plot yet? (or is it a secret?)

    I miss Crystal's pizza. YUM!

  • The Twelve Dancing Princesses.

    Yes, I'm so desperate I'm filching story plots from the Brothers Grimm, and that's grim indeed. (Never pass up an opportunity for an in-your-face-see-that-bad-boy-coming-a-mile-away pun, I always say.)

    I wrote about it a week or two ago...go back a couple of pages and you should be able to find it.

  • hey now, i was SURE everyone was paying attention for that photo, it isn't till now I find out. No one else did. Whoa ! I look dumb :P

    It was SO nice to meet you. I am going to sit and think of a few ideas for my plotless novel later. ; )  Still working on bedtime with these guys, my husband is out watching the cowboys game.

  • You do not look dumb, you look attentive; "attentive" is GOOD.

    I left before you...did I miss anything?

    It was great to meet you, too, Aisling.

  • haha. Oh I was paying attention! I just didn't want my picture taken! :P ;)

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