October 31, 2006

  • The Halloween counter is On.  The Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and snack-sized Snickers have been waiting in the bowl since the afternoon.  The porch lights are on.

    Number of trick-or-treaters served by...
    6:45 p.m.   0

    7:40         3!  

    8:15         still 3, plus a UPS man  (offered him some candy, but he civilly refused, saying he'd already had so much candy his teeth are in danger of falling out)

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  • So what happens to the candy, hmmmm?

  • I took my 2 -year-old sister to a grand total of 4 houses before she decided she was cold and needed to go home... It was a chilly Halloween!

  • It's in the upper 40's here, but to be fair I can't claim that as a reason for the poor turnout...for us, three trick-or-treaters is above average.

    And as to the candy, well, Dmitry's powerful fond of Snickers, while I rarely refuse a peanut butter cup.

  • We went to a church festival or we would have found you and come on out to T or T at your place ; )  The kids had a blast, they had a row of bounce houses/slides, a row of games, food booths, petting zoo, pony rides, etc. It was $2 / person, max of $10 / family - not bad (helps them with their costs, it used to be free).

    Nano time ! i think i may head to bed, it's so quiet here.

  • We had 2! Sigh, I did so enjoy the kids coming by! Sigh. Times do change and I guess it's for the best. Sigh.

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