October 27, 2006

  • Got to give the prez of Park Cities his due, apparently he actually did listen to the neighbors who gathered last night to tell him why they're not enthralled at the proposed building's placement, for I just received a email from the Arlington Heights Neighborhood Asso. president:

    B.A., the architect for the Park Cities Bank, has asked me to inform the group that the bank will be withdrawing all of their variance requests at the Board of Adjustment meeting on November 1. They are going to Plan B and moving the bank to the corner of Tremont.  The drive-through will empty out on to Camp Bowie, not on to Hillcrest. Plan B will require no variances.

    Very good!  I'm quite pleased, mostly to find the bank is clearly determined to not start off on the wrong foot in the neighborhood. 

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  • Congratulations!!!   I bet you're relieved.  Good work, maybe you'll even switch banks since they're so close....

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