October 31, 2006

  • Three hours to go!

    At one minute past midnight is the Official Start of NaNoWriMo!  e-cheerleader

    Got something of a plot (though I'm rather hazy as to how it's going to end) and some characters, so all things considered I'm in pretty good shape.

    I hope to maybe get in 500-1000 words tonight. 

    Hoping's free. 

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  • Anne! You won my book drawing!  I will send it out to you, along with that "Texas" mug I promised you back in the Spring.  I have your address, but I won't be able to to get it out to you until Monday.

    Have fun writing, I'm looking forward to reading what you write!

  • Really? How cool! I never win anything. Maybe this is a good omen. ;^)

    Thanks ever so, Margaret!

  • I started mine this morning after: showering, reading the paper, getting the kids up, fed, and to school, drinking two cups of coffee, and folding the laundry.

    And I wrote 2,196 words in about an hour! woo! good start! and I like my story, so far.

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