October 27, 2006

  • Bwah-ha-ha!  That's what they get for living on the other side of the world.  e-nogood

    Beth posted a link to an on-line album of pix taken by her friend when they were at that Japanese hot springs/bath place on the 24th.  It was discovered as Beth prepares to leave for a nice weekend outing with Alex, Hannah, and some of their friends.

    The field is clear, in other words. 

    I didn't cull many...just a few.  e-batting

    For those who didn't make their way to Beth's blog, she and a friend went to an elaborate "park", I guess you'd call it, featuring various baths....coffee bath, green tea bath, sake bath, charcoal bath, etc.  Check out the "kiddie bath":

    Kiddie pool

    Would the grandkids and nieces get a kick out of that or what?

    A favorite of Americans and Japanese alike appears to be the wine bath:

    Wine bath

    Yes, Hannah, that IS a big bottle!

    Big bottle

    And I'll tell you what, I'm not positive I could really dive into green water....it'd require some playing with first:

    Green water

    Look at the Japanese-style jackets!  Goin' native, that's what they're doing.  Will be forgetting their English next. 


    That'd be such a cool place to go. 

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