October 28, 2006

  • This evening Don and I went to see Brianna in her annual appearance with the North Richland Hills Dancers at the city's Hoot-n-Howl.  First person we found was Taylor, Brianna's paternal grandmother, who was going to a Halloween party afterward, so thought "What the heck..."

    Oct06 040

    Tracked down Brianna standing in line with her group, waiting their turn:

    Oct06 041

    At last it was show time!

    Oct06 050

    After their dance, Brianna quickly donned her Halloween costume for us to see:

    Oct06 056

    Isn't she darling?  She's a Drama Witch.  (Could make a comment here, but won't.)  To her dismay, Jessica refused to allow her to keep the costume on, instead getting ready for the next dance:

    Oct06 057

    In between the dance segments there was a puppeteer, who was quite skilled.  I recall as a child attempting to make puppets do something, but nothing much happened other than the strings becoming entangled.  This guy obviously figured out the knack:

    Oct06 065

    Oct06 067

    Love this sneaky shot taken of Don and Jessica:

    Oct06 071

    Finally it was time for the last dance, the music for which was the theme from Ghostbusters:

    Oct06 073

    I took a video of the dance, and if only Xanga or YouTube would cooperate, will post it.  So far neither site is minding its manners worth a flip.  

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  • I was late looking at this post - but I'm glad I did!  Brianna is tooo cute in her costumes!  How much fun!!  Good pics, Anne!

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