Month: April 2011

  • Well, I did it.

    Watched The Wedding live.  Woke up about 3:30 a.m. and tried to go back to sleep but couldn't, calculating the time in London and what was happening.  About 4 a.m. I gave up and got up.

    Those headpieces referred to as "fascinators" are well named, as it's fascinating to wonder both how they manage to stay put, and what on earth their wearers were thinking.  Does England not have mirrors?  Did Victoria Beckham actually look in the mirror and think, "Oh yes, that's attractive"?  And as for Prince Andrew's daughter, Beatrice....words fail me.  "Bizarre" is wholly inadequate to describe what she looked like with that...that thing on her head.  It was a true display of paternal affection that her father was willing to be seen with her.

    The Queen looked regal and lovely as always, though in my opinion - which is worth every dime you paid for it - the hat was a mistake.

    William looked incredibly dashing though also rather depressingly hair-challenged.  He's not even 29 yet, for crying out loud!  The boy is going to be bald as the proverbial billiard ball before he's 40, mark my words.  Of course, his brother's hair shows that a lack of same isn't necessarily a bad thing.  Bless his heart, Harry's hair looks to be a whole life form by itself.

    Catherine was gorgeous, and her dress was stunning.  It is my fervent hope that brides all over will take careful note of how important are sleeves and necklines as design elements, and quit with the strapless wedding gowns already.  Her sister's dress was just about as stunning, too, and Pippa coming down the aisle with a three year old on each hand was a charming vignette indeed.

    Not quite as charming was one of the three year old girls who subsequently glowered at the cheering crowds from the balcony at Buckingham Palace.  Her parents must be beet red with humiliation!  Can you imagine?  All over the world are broadcast photos of the bridal couple, and down there on the left is their daughter, frowning like a miniature spectre at the feast, so to speak.  Gee, isn't she a cute little girl?  


    This evening I went to a Meetup for Fort Worth Singles Over 50 at a bowling establishment.  Oddly enough, when I went in I saw a group of likely looking people and asked if they were the group for whom I was looking, and it turned out no, they weren't but they easily could have been, as they were the Fort Worth Widowed People group (or something like that).  Turns out they bowl there regularly.  Found my group and we had a very nice time, indeed, though it was a nuisance trying to find a suitable ball, as those with holes large enough for my fingers are too heavy, while the lighter weight balls apparently are intended for those with small hands.  Still managed to win the second game, though none of my foursome managed to break 100.  As one of our number wryly observed, our team motto should be "Oh, well!"  laughing

  • Ads both amuse and frustrate me.

    I was just looking at a news site and there was a small ad, showing a young woman doing a tummy crunch, and promising (the ad, not the young woman) "a bikini-ready body in six weeks!"

    I really don't think so.  Of course, it could depend upon what one considers to be "bikini-ready," but assuming common usage, there's not a chance in the world this middle-aged body is going to be "bikini-ready," whether measured in weeks, months, or years.

    It might be giggleworthy to take the advertiser at his or her word and show up, demanding to be lithe, toned, and generally svelte in six weeks, as per the ad's promise.  silly


    Glancing over an article claiming to be "An American's Guide to The Wedding" I was rather stunned to discover that some of the guests are scheduled to arrive at the north door to Westminster Abbey at 8:15 a.m., British time.  Almost three hours early!  Mercy Maud.  That's early, that is.  Granted, it beats arriving fifteen or more minutes after the wedding procession has started; you'd be surprised at how many people do just that, and I (acting in my capacity as the wedding volunteer) have to direct them to a side door so they don't trail the bride down the aisle.

    I've been trying to recall how many royal weddings I've lost sleep to watch, and think this will be the fourth.  The first was Princess Anne's, then Prince Charles', then Prince Andrew's, and now William's.  For the life of me I can't remember whether Edward's wedding simply wasn't televised or I elected to give it a miss.  Anyone?  Anyone?


    On a somber note, my heart is heavy for Alabama and all the areas hit by tornadoes this week.  The death toll is almost 300!  My mind boggles.  And to think of that mile-wide twister being on the ground for two solid hours is simply incomprehensible.  I honestly did not know such a thing was possible.  Two hours?  A tornado that holds together for two hours?  Frightening!  sad


  • William's going to have a groom's cake?

    Made of some English cookies (or biscuits, as they're called across the pond).

    The English normally skip the groom's cake, at least that's what an article said, and on the rare occasions one is provided it normally serves 40.  William's is going to serve 600, though, which is going to require a whole lot of cookies.

    Tonight at 7 on NBC is a Behind-the-Scene Special about The Wedding, and I'm going to watch it.  Television in the middle of the week?  Mercy Maud!  One would think it was the Olympics or something.

    And can you imagine?  According to the BBC:  

    The first royal-wedding spectator has arrived at Westminster Abbey to claim his spot ahead of Friday's event.

    John Loughrey is kitted out with flags, a sleeping bag and an umbrella.

    He'd likely be as appalled at my dithering over whether it's worth it to lose sleep to watch the wedding as I am appalled at the notion of his camping out for two or three days just to watch a procession go by, and what do you want to bet others will get in front of him anyway?

    If y'all haven't done so, it's entertaining (depending upon how easily you're entertained) to read sites such as the Court Circular for yesterday, posted on Facebook:

    By jingo, I wish I had a British flag to fly, or at least one that's rather weddingish!  Or lashings of bunting, not that I've ever been totally clear on what "bunting" is.  


  • A hodge-podge of pix and such....

    We had a lovely Easter, thankyouverymuch.  Personally, I sang up a storm at the Good Friday Tenebrae service, then at three services on Easter Sunday.  What a joy!  What a blessing!

    Then there was the bountiful feast and egg hunt at Kirstin and Matt's house.  Okay, I feasted but left the egg-hunt (both hiding and seeking) to others.  Did that for decades, and have decided to retire.  Here are seven of the hunters scurrying through the backyard:

    Once the eggs were found, they required dissection (except for the hard-boiled variety, which required eating):

    Here's Brielle with her Daddy:

    The Rangers were playing, however, which snagged the attention of some of our number:


    Yesterday I was driving back from Keller, having picked up the girls from school, and experienced something new and unwanted:  there I was, tooling south on I-35 in the outside lane at about 63-65 MPH, when some lunatic zooms past me on the right!  Whoever it was must have been clocking 70-75 MPH as he or she used the shoulder as just another lane.  Seriously.  This wasn't simply going around me (I wasn't speeding, but wasn't holding anyone up, either) on the shoulder; the driver kept going for quite a distance, then cut in front of someone when an exit came up, then jumped back onto the right shoulder.  Amazingly I didn't come up on a crash.  Really expected to.  


    This evening was my first time to attend a Meetup meeting.  Has anyone else participated in one of those?  This one is for knitters, and meets every other Tuesday night at the Barnes and Noble on Hulen.  A very nice, patient woman taught me how to cast on, then how to do the basic knitting stitch.  Actually I'd taken knitting lessons many moons ago, back when I was maybe 13 or 14 years old, at a store at what was then Seminary South Shopping Center (and believe you me, it was the place to be at the time...Fort Worth's first mall-like shopping center), and vaguely remembered the stitch, though hadn't a clue how to get started.  Not sure how to stop, either, but I daresay I'll pick that up too.  Anyway, it was an agreeable group of ladies and a lot of fun.  My hope right now is to get past the dishrag/hot pad thing I'm doing and be able to knit something for Dmitry's new nephew (technically his cousin), Valery (spelling?), a month old today, and his cousin, Sveta's, baby.  Such a poppet!  

    Then I want to learn to knit hats for the grandkids and nieces and nephews.  That's the plan.  Taking into account my lamentable lack of follow-through, it likely won't happen, but maybe it will.  Who knows?


    So who all is going to watch The Wedding on Friday morning?  I'm becoming increasingly convinced that, against all common sense, I'm probably going to find myself in the living room at some insanely early hour of the morning so as to watch it live.  I'm quite curious to see Kate's dress, and am passionately hoping it isn't the disaster Diana's was.  I don't think it will be, however.  Kate seems to have a definite sense of style, so perhaps she'll break the royal mold and look elegant.  Meow.

  • Good gravy. It's 30 degrees cooler now than it was yesterday.

    And according to a friend sitting next to me at lunch today, the sirens last night were warning of hail, not possible tornadoes.


    We've got hail sirens?  confused  I didn't know that.  Makes sense, though, considering how much damage hail does around here.  Gives people a chance to put their car in their garage (assuming it's not being used as storage space, as is mine) and get the animals inside.  


    The Wedding is now a little over a week away and apparently excitement has reached fever pitch in some areas.  Not here, mind, but some places.  Live television coverage will begin at 3 a.m. CDT, for pity's sake.  Why can't royals get married in the afternoon or evening like the rest of us, eh?  The odds are strongly against my getting up to go out to the living room and tune in.  This may be an occasion when recording it is a more prudent option.


    Cannot deny, however, that it's more satisfying to watch events in real time.  Not sure it's satisfying enough to miss a night's sleep, however.


    Tell you what I wish, and that's that someone in my neck of the woods would record it and have a Wedding Watch party that morning.  Tea and crumpets and scones and hot buttered toast while watching Will and Kate tie the knot!  Sounds like fun to me.  silly

  • I love where I live.

    This afternoon the Blue Angels flew overhead in formation (there was an airshow at the JAB), and before long the fireworks will start up at the Botanic Gardens.


    Blue Angels and fireworks seen from one's own back yard.  Is that cool or what?   pleased


    Speaking of backyards, what on earth is up with the woodpeckers this year?  There have always been the odd one around, but this spring the sound of pecking is almost nonstop.  What is truly puzzling is the woodpeckers are usually pecking away on (at?) utility poles.  Wouldn't have thought there was a lot of good eating in (from?) a utility pole, though admittedly I've not given it much thought 'ere now.  


    Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, the first day of the week leading up to Easter.  We'll be singing "Lift High the Lord, Our Banner," which is one of my all-time favorite hymns, and afterward there will be a Tenebrae rehearsal for a bit, then the monthly Ta Ethne (it means "to the nations") luncheon, which is always a treat.  Love hearing from our missionaries and how the LORD is at work in the world!  On Tuesday evening will be another Tenebrae practice, then on Wednesday evening I'll be helping greet for the Seder meal, on Good Friday is the Tenebrae service (if you've never been to it and are within driving distance, COME!  It's at 7:30 and only lasts about an hour, but it's astounding what that hour encompasses).  Then EASTER, with the choir singing at three services in succession.  Woosh!  Tiring, but a joyful, joyful time.  heart