April 20, 2011

  • Good gravy. It’s 30 degrees cooler now than it was yesterday.

    And according to a friend sitting next to me at lunch today, the sirens last night were warning of hail, not possible tornadoes.


    We’ve got hail sirens?  confused  I didn’t know that.  Makes sense, though, considering how much damage hail does around here.  Gives people a chance to put their car in their garage (assuming it’s not being used as storage space, as is mine) and get the animals inside.  


    The Wedding is now a little over a week away and apparently excitement has reached fever pitch in some areas.  Not here, mind, but some places.  Live television coverage will begin at 3 a.m. CDT, for pity’s sake.  Why can’t royals get married in the afternoon or evening like the rest of us, eh?  The odds are strongly against my getting up to go out to the living room and tune in.  This may be an occasion when recording it is a more prudent option.


    Cannot deny, however, that it’s more satisfying to watch events in real time.  Not sure it’s satisfying enough to miss a night’s sleep, however.


    Tell you what I wish, and that’s that someone in my neck of the woods would record it and have a Wedding Watch party that morning.  Tea and crumpets and scones and hot buttered toast while watching Will and Kate tie the knot!  Sounds like fun to me.  silly

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  • When I was going into the nursing home, Robin and the admins were getting excited about planning a Wedding Breakfast – and Robin would come and we’d watch on the big screen in the lounge. I came home and there went that idea! Not sure I’ll be watching live, if at all – no cable here. :)


  • I’d come to that party, but more for the yummy tea and snacks and for the fellowship than for the wedding.

  • They saw you coming a mile away, Cindy, so The Wedding will be streamed live via YouTube.

    No excuse to not watch it live, barring not wanting to get up that early. Which is plenty sufficient excuse, IMO. ;^)

    You’re right, Beth…now all we need is someone to host the party. :grin:

  • In Britain it’s traditional have a “wedding breakfast” rather than an afternoon or evening meal (what we’d call a brunch, I think) so traditionally, weddings were in the first half of the morning. Probably royals are just among the last few holding on to the tradition — what else are royals for, after all? :tongue:

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