April 26, 2011

  • A hodge-podge of pix and such….

    We had a lovely Easter, thankyouverymuch.  Personally, I sang up a storm at the Good Friday Tenebrae service, then at three services on Easter Sunday.  What a joy!  What a blessing!

    Then there was the bountiful feast and egg hunt at Kirstin and Matt’s house.  Okay, I feasted but left the egg-hunt (both hiding and seeking) to others.  Did that for decades, and have decided to retire.  Here are seven of the hunters scurrying through the backyard:

    Once the eggs were found, they required dissection (except for the hard-boiled variety, which required eating):

    Here’s Brielle with her Daddy:

    The Rangers were playing, however, which snagged the attention of some of our number:


    Yesterday I was driving back from Keller, having picked up the girls from school, and experienced something new and unwanted:  there I was, tooling south on I-35 in the outside lane at about 63-65 MPH, when some lunatic zooms past me on the right!  Whoever it was must have been clocking 70-75 MPH as he or she used the shoulder as just another lane.  Seriously.  This wasn’t simply going around me (I wasn’t speeding, but wasn’t holding anyone up, either) on the shoulder; the driver kept going for quite a distance, then cut in front of someone when an exit came up, then jumped back onto the right shoulder.  Amazingly I didn’t come up on a crash.  Really expected to.  


    This evening was my first time to attend a Meetup meeting.  Has anyone else participated in one of those?  This one is for knitters, and meets every other Tuesday night at the Barnes and Noble on Hulen.  A very nice, patient woman taught me how to cast on, then how to do the basic knitting stitch.  Actually I’d taken knitting lessons many moons ago, back when I was maybe 13 or 14 years old, at a store at what was then Seminary South Shopping Center (and believe you me, it was the place to be at the time…Fort Worth’s first mall-like shopping center), and vaguely remembered the stitch, though hadn’t a clue how to get started.  Not sure how to stop, either, but I daresay I’ll pick that up too.  Anyway, it was an agreeable group of ladies and a lot of fun.  My hope right now is to get past the dishrag/hot pad thing I’m doing and be able to knit something for Dmitry’s new nephew (technically his cousin), Valery (spelling?), a month old today, and his cousin, Sveta’s, baby.  Such a poppet!  

    Then I want to learn to knit hats for the grandkids and nieces and nephews.  That’s the plan.  Taking into account my lamentable lack of follow-through, it likely won’t happen, but maybe it will.  Who knows?


    So who all is going to watch The Wedding on Friday morning?  I’m becoming increasingly convinced that, against all common sense, I’m probably going to find myself in the living room at some insanely early hour of the morning so as to watch it live.  I’m quite curious to see Kate’s dress, and am passionately hoping it isn’t the disaster Diana’s was.  I don’t think it will be, however.  Kate seems to have a definite sense of style, so perhaps she’ll break the royal mold and look elegant.  Meow.

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  • I loved Diana’s dress.

    And some of the “popular girls” at my prom spring showed up in tea-length knockoffs of it.

    However, when it became a fad for brides of all, um, shapes and sizes for the next couple of years, it lost something in the translation.

    But stop me if I’m mistaken — you’ll probably be able to find a picture or two of Kate’s dress oh just somewhere even if you don’t get up at 3:00 a.m. :wink-wink:

  • That’s “at my prom, the following spring.”

  • Diana’s dress might have looked better on someone other than her, but it wore her…she didn’t wear it.

    And photos of Kate’s dress will be blazoned around the world – we’ll doubtless be heartily sick of seeing it by late in the afternoon – immediately upon her appearing, but I sort of want to watch it live. As It Happens. In Real Time.

    OTOH, it’s quite possible I’ll choose to snooze instead, and rely on the DVR to snag every festive moment.

  • I really admire your learning to knit. I’ve tried and tried– and basically I do know how to do it, but I ALWAYS lose count of the stitches, and that deep-sixes everything. :so-cool: :so-cool:

  • We’ll be traveling home during the wedding, so won’t see it, but I figure it’ll be available on Youtube. I thought Diana’s gown was wonderful. SHe was a beauty, and the country was hungry for a bit of fantasy– and fantastic it was. Kate I see as being a bit less romantic and more down to earth and practical. I think she’s going to make a great wife for the future King, if royalty lasts that long. She seems less focused on absorbing accolades, and more focused on making sure her husband has a refuge…of laughter and understanding in her. I like her.

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