April 16, 2011

  • I love where I live.

    This afternoon the Blue Angels flew overhead in formation (there was an airshow at the JAB), and before long the fireworks will start up at the Botanic Gardens.


    Blue Angels and fireworks seen from one’s own back yard.  Is that cool or what?   pleased


    Speaking of backyards, what on earth is up with the woodpeckers this year?  There have always been the odd one around, but this spring the sound of pecking is almost nonstop.  What is truly puzzling is the woodpeckers are usually pecking away on (at?) utility poles.  Wouldn’t have thought there was a lot of good eating in (from?) a utility pole, though admittedly I’ve not given it much thought ‘ere now.  


    Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, the first day of the week leading up to Easter.  We’ll be singing “Lift High the Lord, Our Banner,” which is one of my all-time favorite hymns, and afterward there will be a Tenebrae rehearsal for a bit, then the monthly Ta Ethne (it means “to the nations”) luncheon, which is always a treat.  Love hearing from our missionaries and how the LORD is at work in the world!  On Tuesday evening will be another Tenebrae practice, then on Wednesday evening I’ll be helping greet for the Seder meal, on Good Friday is the Tenebrae service (if you’ve never been to it and are within driving distance, COME!  It’s at 7:30 and only lasts about an hour, but it’s astounding what that hour encompasses).  Then EASTER, with the choir singing at three services in succession.  Woosh!  Tiring, but a joyful, joyful time.  heart

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