Month: July 2005

  • Gonna brag on Dan here for a moment.  He worked like a trojan the
    past several weeks, skipping turns at the Rivercrest pool (which he
    dearly loves), and completed 10th grade! 

    Plus he passed his latest karate test last Friday evening so is now a full fledged brown belt.

    Kudos, Dan!  You da man. 

  • It must be tough times in the ice cream biz when a venerble company is reduced to such flavors as:

    CANTALOUPE and cream?  Are they serious? 

    Maybe it's just because I'm not fond of melon but really, even if I
    were I don't think I'd care for that.  Anyway, I'm fond of the
    following flavors in their place, but ice cream isn't that place:

    You go first. 

  • My niece, Jill, sent out a reminder that in a few weeks our cell phone
    numbers will be legitimate grist for telemarketers' mills, so we ought
    to scamper over to the National Do Not Call site to place our home and cell numbers on that list.

  • One of life's little conveniences that winds up being deucedly inconvenient
    is setting one's browser to remember log-in names and passwords.
    Firefox is my browser of choice and it's a dab hand at eagerly filling
    in the boxes at the various sites I frequent so I needn't waste my valuable time doing so.

    Don built us a new computer. I've paid for a Rhapsody account in the
    past and much enjoy listening and downloading music, but now I cannot
    recall for the life of me what my password is. Apparently I obediently
    changed it when first logging in (you know how they urge you to do
    that), but somehow I neglected to make a note of it in the
    password-protected database on my PDA. Presumably Rhapsody is sending
    me another password, which I'll doubtless be instructed to change

    New computers are a pain in the kazoo, you know that?

  • Just finished a marathon read-a-thon of the new Harry Potter book.....began it yesterday and finished it early this afternoon.

    Had some thoughts concerning it (nothing deep; some people really go
    off the deep end about these books, looking for theological or
    philosophical flights where none exist, IMO) and posted them here for those who either have read the book, or don't care if they know the ending before they do. 

    Which was me, AAMOF.  I knew, courtesy of Charles, who died in the
    book before I ever opened it.  He told me at my behest, naturally!
    He didn't spoil it for me. 

  • I've decided it's not my imagination, nor a coincidence.  For ages
    it's come to my attention that when the boys speak in Russian, their
    voices are deeper than when they speak in English.  It's quite
    noticeable when there are three or four of 'em in the car.

    I wonder why that is? 

  • So, have those of y'all who collect such things made your initial trek to the appropriate store?

  • Not that I approve of such things, mind, but still . . . spammers might want to take note of a murder in Moscow: 

    Russia’s Biggest Spammer Brutally Murdered in Apartment

    Vardan Kushnir, notorious for sending spam to each and every citizen of
    Russia who appeared to have an e-mail, was found dead in his Moscow
    apartment on Sunday, Interfax reported Monday. He died after suffering
    repeated blows to the head

  • Tell you what, the Fort Worth library system is really burning my bacon recently.

    Today I was at the Seminary South branch where, according to the
    hot-shot, fancy-schmancy online catalog the FWPL has, I ought to have
    been able to lay hands on four Betty Neels books I've yet to read.

    Not. One. There. 

    Had the librarian (actually, she wasn't a true librarian....more just a
    woman manning the check-out desk) check the computer but though they
    were listed as "checked in" on the computer, they were no where to be

    Yesterday I was at Ridglea, hoping to snag "Hilltop Tryst" only it wasn't where it was
    supposed to be.  This time there WAS a librarian present and she
    helpfully looked to see the last time that book had been checked out.



    Don't they ever run a physical inventory?  I've heard they do but how they can, and leave a book on the system no one's seen nor smelled in ten blinking years absolutely beats me. 

  • This afternoon we headed to Beth's mother's apartment for a farewell
    get together with Alex, Beth, and Hannah.  It'd have been perfect
    were it not for two things:

    First, I forgot my camera.   

    Fortunately all was not totally lost as there was the camera phone, but it's not the same . . . not the same at all:

    Still, it's better than nothing.  ;^)

    She's so cute. 

    Second, in my inimitable style and with the grace which characterizes
    my every move and adds tone to all social occasions, I managed to knock
    over my nearly-full glass of tea, so tea went all over the counter,
    running down onto the rug beneath, though some managed to miss the rug
    by dripping into the open purse of one of the guests. 

    Gee, I wonder why I'm not invited out more?