July 28, 2005

  • One of life’s little conveniences that winds up being deucedly inconvenient
    is setting one’s browser to remember log-in names and passwords.
    Firefox is my browser of choice and it’s a dab hand at eagerly filling
    in the boxes at the various sites I frequent so I needn’t waste my valuable time doing so.

    Don built us a new computer. I’ve paid for a Rhapsody account in the
    past and much enjoy listening and downloading music, but now I cannot
    recall for the life of me what my password is. Apparently I obediently
    changed it when first logging in (you know how they urge you to do
    that), but somehow I neglected to make a note of it in the
    password-protected database on my PDA. Presumably Rhapsody is sending
    me another password, which I’ll doubtless be instructed to change

    New computers are a pain in the kazoo, you know that?

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