July 23, 2005

  • This afternoon we headed to Beth's mother's apartment for a farewell
    get together with Alex, Beth, and Hannah.  It'd have been perfect
    were it not for two things:

    First, I forgot my camera.   

    Fortunately all was not totally lost as there was the camera phone, but it's not the same . . . not the same at all:

    Still, it's better than nothing.  ;^)

    She's so cute. 

    Second, in my inimitable style and with the grace which characterizes
    my every move and adds tone to all social occasions, I managed to knock
    over my nearly-full glass of tea, so tea went all over the counter,
    running down onto the rug beneath, though some managed to miss the rug
    by dripping into the open purse of one of the guests. 

    Gee, I wonder why I'm not invited out more? 

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  • I guess you inherited this tendency from me, sorry, but I thought about it and decided that klutzyness is God's way to keep us humble!!!

  • Anne! The tea thing is forgiveable - after all, counters, floors and even purses and their contents can be cleaned, but PHOTOS? Those moments are irreplaceable! AND YOU BLEW IT!

    I mean, phone photos are cute, but hardly up to your usual quality.


    You may, just MAY be forgiven some day.


    That Hannah IS adorable. Her hair's looking like a little pixie cut now. SO cute.



  • I can not believe you, who always have a camera on hand, forgot your camera!! But at least you had your phone, and I see that you snagged a picture of Charles. Hannah is just darling.

    My last social spill was my drink on a girlfriend of mine. I would have preferred to have spilled in my purse, on the counter or floor but no, not me. Sitting in a restaurant I dumped the entire contents of my iced tea in my girlfriends lap. Luckily she knows that I'm as graceful as a pig on stilts and has forgiven me (but I swear I still have flashbacks!)

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