July 28, 2005

  • Just finished a marathon read-a-thon of the new Harry Potter book.....began it yesterday and finished it early this afternoon.

    Had some thoughts concerning it (nothing deep; some people really go
    off the deep end about these books, looking for theological or
    philosophical flights where none exist, IMO) and posted them here for those who either have read the book, or don't care if they know the ending before they do. 

    Which was me, AAMOF.  I knew, courtesy of Charles, who died in the
    book before I ever opened it.  He told me at my behest, naturally!
    He didn't spoil it for me. 

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  • I dunno, Anne. I was underwhelmed.  I must have been reading it the same time as you, in fact, I just finished it last night. Somehow, Harry's lost fun and sparkle.  Whyizzit that so many of these storytellers just can't keep up the sparkle? Look at the Star Wars trilogy?  So much fun at the start, so angsty and un-funny now.  Same with Harry Potter.  C. S. Lewis managed to keep a sparkle in the Narnia series. And Tolkien knew when to stop... somone needs to shut these people up before it's too late. Or maybe it is, already.

  • I'll willingly grant it's not as much fun as the first in the series, which was the best by far. I'm trying to recall...when did they start to end on a down note? Wasn't it "The Goblet of Fire," i.e. #4?

    Still think it beats the last one, though. That was a depressing affair from beginning to end.

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