July 31, 2005

  • Gonna brag on Dan here for a moment.  He worked like a trojan the
    past several weeks, skipping turns at the Rivercrest pool (which he
    dearly loves), and completed 10th grade! 

    Plus he passed his latest karate test last Friday evening so is now a full fledged brown belt.

    Kudos, Dan!  You da man. 

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  • Congratulations to Dan!!! Hopefully he will spend the rest of his summer at the pool, when does school start there? Mine go back on Aug 18, my niece in the Springs goes back on Aug 3!! Middle of summer!!

    And congrats to Dan on his brown belt!! Bennett is still a white belt, having been in karate a mere month. He won't test for a couple more months of classes.

  • August THIRD?!?

    That's just terrible. It really is. Dmitry can't get over having to attend school on his August 16th birthday, which he's only known as a summer birthday. Fortunately next year the Texas school system is going back to the traditional (if it's what was done when *I* was a nipper, it's Traditional with a Capital T) Tuesday-after-Labor-Day beginning of the school year. Thank goodness!

  • Well Anne we "old Folks" had a far better school year I think, starting after Labor Day and getting out in June. Here, the kids go to school mid summer, and get out when it's still snowy!!

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