August 13, 2012

  • Dmitry and I ate lunch at Mooyah Burgers.

    I had a turkey burger with Swiss cheese, grilled onions, and sauteed mushrooms.  It was muy delicioso!

    It was, unfortunately, also hard to reach.  Apparently they don't have trays, instead sacking everything for take-out.  

    The bag was rather long and sort of narrow.  I'd ordered a large French fries for Dmitry and me to share, and it was a lot of French fries!  About 3 C. of French fries did not fit into the small, 8-10 oz. soda cup into which they were presumably "packed."  What drove me nuts was my burger was on the bottom of the sack.

    To get to the burger, I had to dig down through a mess of hot, loose French fries.  What a ridiculous way to pack the food!  Never before have I been unable to remove the fries because they were essentially dumped loose into a bag, and with my burger buried at the bottom.  Dmitry ordered a hot dog, and it was on top.  So Mooyah put my burger in first, dumped in 3 C. of fries over it, then put in the hot dog.

    Dmitry was snickering because I was so hacked about it.  Of course, he didn't have to thrust HIS hand through all those fries in order to get to his hot dog.  bitter

    If I ever return to Mooyah, I'll get the same turkey burger again (really was tasty!), but will insist either my fries be put in the bag first, or else put in a separate sack entirely.

    What an inconsequential post!  I'm fully aware of it.  My petty side is showing.  blush

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  • I can't conceive they delivered the food like that. truly dumb! Email the head office. Can't be the way they are to do it.

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