August 16, 2012

  • I wonder how many people try to get to Panera’s, but give up?

    There’s a billboard on I-30, heading east, right around the Green Oaks exit (where Ridgmar Mall is) for Panera’s Bread.  It directs the reader to exit on University, then turn right.

    That’s fine, but shouldn’t they mention that University is four miles away (I checked), and once one exits to the right (which is the south exit, as opposed to the north exit), Panera isn’t exactly right there….one has to drive a ways down University to find it.

    If I were driving through a city and saw a billboard like that, I’d assume University is coming up quickly, and the advertised restaurant will be readily visible.  Living here, I can tell you that’s not the case, and don’t you know some people have exited, not seen Panera, then given up and returned to the freeway (or eaten at Jack in the Box or Chili’s or Old South Pancake House instead)?

    Not much point for a restaurant paying for a billboard if it doesn’t accurately tell the driver where it is.

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