August 4, 2012

  • There’s something about those AT&T Uverse wireless receiver ads that baffles me.

    In at least three of them, the televisions are placed in truly stupid places.  The palm has to go to the TV in the ad with the ever-increasing party (who invites people to someone else’s party, anyway?  Isn’t that rude?), which winds up with a crowd dancing around and the set right next to a pool, where it could be easily knocked in.

    ISTM the same problem exists with the ad with the girl attempting to blow up a water toy (“We didn’t have that….nosirreebob!”  ”Who’s Bob?”), though perhaps not quite as close.

    Then there’s the ad with the TV in the garage, right under the basketball net.  What lunatic places a TV right where a basketball is likely to hit it?

    Mind, I enjoy the one with the boy and his grandfather.  Putting it out on the porch is utterly reasonable – and what I plan to do with mine once fall arrives! – and the interaction between the two is charming (“Granddad, kids today have it so good.”  ”I’m tryin’ to tell you…”)


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  • Young people commonly invite others to join them at parties. Yes, it’s rude, but it’s pretty much par for the course these days (if it’s “that kind” of party.) It wouldn’t strike viewers from that generation as the least bit odd.

  • Not really?

    I’m so old.

  • As impressed as I am with your writing, I’m more impressed that you got 180 views.  I have never gotten anywhere near that on my blog, not within a hundred.  Not only am I highly impressed, I am highly jealous. 

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