Month: August 2012

  • This evening I've been flipping through the new issue of "Fort Worth Texas" magazine.

    Not precisely the most imaginative name, but it does give you some idea of what market it's aiming for.  ;^)

    Magazines are mostly vehicles for advertising (as are newspapers and virtually all news media, much as we dislike to acknowledge it), but after a little bit I noticed a startling similarity regarding many of the ads:  they're for charitable events.

    Expensive charitable events.

    Here's "Wine, Women & Shoes" which is designed for "benefitting [sic] communities in schools."  The misspelling rather amuses me, under the circumstances.  Anyway, the reader is urged to "Be there. Be fabulous!"  A single ticket is $125.  For that I will be allowed to sip fine wines, shop the latest shoes and accessories, savor delectable bites, and mingle with the Sole Men.  Hmmm....I pay $125 to essentially go shoe-shopping at the T&P Railroad Station? I don't think so.  Pass.

    Okay, how about the "Let's Chat: Women Who Care, Share" event, benefiting the YWCA?  Table sponsorships begin at $1,000.

    No?  Perhaps the 20th Annual Cowtown Ball...."Boots and Bling"....featuring country singer Mark Chesnutt is more to your taste, and a mere $250 per ticket (tables available for $2,000).

    I can tell you are a reader of rare discrimination, demanded the unique.  Then how about the Fort Worth Club/Outdoor Sports Club's Wild Game Dinner, benefiting Ronald McDonald House of Fort Worth?  As the add enticingly enquires, "Are you game for the Camo Chic event of the year?"  Which is itself a trifle unnerving, as it hints there are likely to be more Camo Chic events than this one.  The cost of reservations was not included this time, which does make one wonder.

    Here's one that might be fun, and not outrageously expensive:  it's the inaugural "A Wish With Wings" Kitchens Tour: the finest chefs, the finest homes (odd they haven't called me yet).  Individual tickets are merely $25.  That's doable.  

    The Panther Club has planned a Fiesta in Paradise, benefiting Boys and Girls Clubs of Fort Worth, being held at Joe T. Garcia's, and single "parrot head" tickets are $100.

    Tell you what, providing the venue and menu for such gala events is clearly a trend for the aforementioned Joe T's, as it is also the site of the Peppers & Pinatas 5th Annual Dinner Party, to help support fire fighters, police, paramedics, and veterans.  Single tickets are $100.

    One of the most well-known homeless missions, Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County, is presenting A Very Special Dinner called "The Master's Plan" at Ridglea Country Club.  Ticket information is available by calling a number or emailing an address,

    Interspersed throughout are some charitable golf tournaments, naturally, but you get the gist by now.

    Where on earth is everyone getting all this money, is what I want to know.  Aren't these supposed to be tricky times for the economy?  Who are all these people who can gaily throw a hundred smackers at something, getting a Mexican dinner in return?

    It's really quite frustrating, as it makes me think everyone else Out There in Fort Worth Land is frolicking at gala events this fall, and then there's me...staying home and watching "Diners, Drive-ins, and Drives" and drooling over restaurants at which I'll doubtless never dine.  

    Bring on the Sonic Chili cheeseburger with a side of onion rings!  shy

  • Who dreams up these flavors? And who actually DRINKS them?

    This afternoon I went with my sister, Jeanne, to Whole Foods in Arlington.  Great store.  

    However, every now and again they carry something that makes me wonder as to the mental health of the chain's buyer (not to mention the vendor):


    Pretty certain these soda flavors won't be hawked at Ranger or Cowboy games any time soon.  stunned  Do you suppose anyone ever actually purchases them?  I think they were running about $4 for the carton of four.  

  • I wonder how many people try to get to Panera's, but give up?

    There's a billboard on I-30, heading east, right around the Green Oaks exit (where Ridgmar Mall is) for Panera's Bread.  It directs the reader to exit on University, then turn right.

    That's fine, but shouldn't they mention that University is four miles away (I checked), and once one exits to the right (which is the south exit, as opposed to the north exit), Panera isn't exactly right has to drive a ways down University to find it.

    If I were driving through a city and saw a billboard like that, I'd assume University is coming up quickly, and the advertised restaurant will be readily visible.  Living here, I can tell you that's not the case, and don't you know some people have exited, not seen Panera, then given up and returned to the freeway (or eaten at Jack in the Box or Chili's or Old South Pancake House instead)?

    Not much point for a restaurant paying for a billboard if it doesn't accurately tell the driver where it is.

  • Dmitry and I ate lunch at Mooyah Burgers.

    I had a turkey burger with Swiss cheese, grilled onions, and sauteed mushrooms.  It was muy delicioso!

    It was, unfortunately, also hard to reach.  Apparently they don't have trays, instead sacking everything for take-out.  

    The bag was rather long and sort of narrow.  I'd ordered a large French fries for Dmitry and me to share, and it was a lot of French fries!  About 3 C. of French fries did not fit into the small, 8-10 oz. soda cup into which they were presumably "packed."  What drove me nuts was my burger was on the bottom of the sack.

    To get to the burger, I had to dig down through a mess of hot, loose French fries.  What a ridiculous way to pack the food!  Never before have I been unable to remove the fries because they were essentially dumped loose into a bag, and with my burger buried at the bottom.  Dmitry ordered a hot dog, and it was on top.  So Mooyah put my burger in first, dumped in 3 C. of fries over it, then put in the hot dog.

    Dmitry was snickering because I was so hacked about it.  Of course, he didn't have to thrust HIS hand through all those fries in order to get to his hot dog.  bitter

    If I ever return to Mooyah, I'll get the same turkey burger again (really was tasty!), but will insist either my fries be put in the bag first, or else put in a separate sack entirely.

    What an inconsequential post!  I'm fully aware of it.  My petty side is showing.  blush

  • There's something about those AT&T Uverse wireless receiver ads that baffles me.

    In at least three of them, the televisions are placed in truly stupid places.  The palm has to go to the TV in the ad with the ever-increasing party (who invites people to someone else's party, anyway?  Isn't that rude?), which winds up with a crowd dancing around and the set right next to a pool, where it could be easily knocked in.

    ISTM the same problem exists with the ad with the girl attempting to blow up a water toy ("We didn't have that....nosirreebob!"  "Who's Bob?"), though perhaps not quite as close.

    Then there's the ad with the TV in the garage, right under the basketball net.  What lunatic places a TV right where a basketball is likely to hit it?

    Mind, I enjoy the one with the boy and his grandfather.  Putting it out on the porch is utterly reasonable - and what I plan to do with mine once fall arrives! - and the interaction between the two is charming ("Granddad, kids today have it so good."  "I'm tryin' to tell you...")