November 23, 2011

  • People don't pay attention to what one tells them.

    At any rate, professional marketing people don't.  Presumably they are paid to exhibit that dauntless Pollyanna spirit that makes the rest of us want to hit 'em with a hammer.

    I'd written a stern email to the Nabisco company regarding their sad tampering with that delicious snackable stand-by, Wheat Thins.  For years now, one knows where one is with Wheat Thins.  Until the recent box I purchased, which contain not what I would deem Wheat Thins, but small, smooth, dark tan squares suitable for tiling bathroom walls (though admittedly one would need to use a lot of shellacking).

    This afternoon I received a personal response:

    Thanks for getting in touch with us about WHEAT THINS Crackers.

    We recently made some changes to the formula for our WHEAT THINS Original and WHEAT THINS Reduced Fat Crackers to make them more delicious - and a healthier snack!

    We added whole grain - going from 5g per serving to 11g per serving.  We also removed the high fructose corn sweetener, and decreased fat and sodium levels slightly.

    If you haven't done so already, please add our site to your favorites and visit us again soon!

    Kim McMiller
    Associate Director, Consumer Relations

    Hmmm....which part of "I hate what you've done to Wheat Thins!" did Ms. McMiller not understand?  I daresay the new recipe might conceivably have made them healthier, but I can say without hesitation they are definitely not "more delicious."  They are awful.  

    Still, she confirmed my fear, which is that Nabisco has, indeed, tampered and tinkered with its recipe for Wheat Thins.

    Let the mourning commence.

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  • She didn't understand any of it, because she didn't read it, or respond to it.

    Your letter went into the "correspondence about changes in Wheat Thins" category (probably automatically, based on keywords, maybe with a quick scan by someone who does not have "director" anywhere in her title to make sure.) As a result, the "letter about changes in Wheat Thins" got sent back. That's all.

  • Wow!  What enormous changes they made!  You can't double the fiber, take out the sugar, and reduce the salt, and expect the snack to be "more delicious"!  This sounds like a New Coke kind of blunder...

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