November 29, 2011

  • Odds and ends…

    As Dmitry and I were driving home from Elaine’s on Thanksgiving, this festive light display caught my eye:

    Now that’s a light display I’d love to have in MY yard!  ;^)  

    On Sunday evening the choir met for cantata practice and again, my eye was caught by unexpected lights:


    That’s on the second floor of the church’s new Link building.  Electricity!  Lights!  It’s really beginning to come together and we should be in it, um, pretty shortly.  Meaning, I’m not sure of the precise date but in early spring, anyway.  Of course, the big deal to those of us in the various music areas of the church are eagerly waiting for the new music building.  That is going to be sweet.  

    The following is Zeus, our ancient-of-days (17 years or thereabouts) cat who was getting hungry and wondering where on earth was I, the provider of cat food and cleaner of litter boxes? 

    She’s not crazy about hopping through the pet door into my bedroom, but will do so occasionally.  

    Yesterday I was at Wal-Mart and there was a fire truck pulled up in one of the aisles, next to a brownish Buick sedan with its hood up, and two or three firemen standing around it.  Later, while shopping, I heard the following announcement:  ”Will the owner of a brown Buick please return to your car.”  Those are not words one wants to hear, and hoo boy, was the owner going to be unhappy when he – or she – got there.  Speaking of announcements at Wal-Mart, is there a reason they are consistently made in the most monotonal, disinterested voices possible?  Actually, not so much disinterested as vaguely annoyed.  Doesn’t matter what the announcement concerns – and there were multiple yesterday afternoon – the slightly aggrieved, flat voice is the same.  Granted, one doesn’t necessarily want the voice to be perky (especially when a shopper is being instructed to return to his automobile in the parking lot), but surely there is a happy medium?

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  • The announcement person at my Sam’s has a dreadfully perky voice. It’s really irritating. But yes, you’re right, there could be a calm, businesslike tone, not this “I can barely read the words off this paper, so asking for natural tone is too much” drone.

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