November 22, 2011

  • Tell you what, the Google turkey is amusing.

    And as a service to those who might not know how to get to it:

    BION, that includes me as I use iGoogle as my home page.  Google won't let me see that turkey for nuthin' unless I sneak around the back door by using a different browser and don't sign in.  Isn't that the pits?  Of course, I daresay if I didn't use a theme I might be able to see the Google doodles properly.  Ought to check that out.

    I have, to my surprise, become fond of the foodie show "Chopped."  Not crazy about the negativity inherent in it, but no fooling, watching the chefs open baskets containing insane ingredients and have to come up with something not only creative and unique but edible, too, just fascinates me.  This evening was cool as the chefs were what are generally known as "lunch ladies," but they are clearly chefs indeed.  Where were this type of lunch lady when I was in school, eh?  Though I was awfully fond of hot dogs in barbeque sauce, a Stripling Jr. High specialtie du maison.

    If the judges want to give the chefs a real shockeroo when the baskets are opened, they should visit a local liquor emporium and purchase bottles of - I am NOT making this up; there's a photo I took! - Alaska Smoked Salmon vodka. What do you think?  Pair it with canned peas, crunchy peanut butter, and ground sirloin, and you've got...well, you've, okay, you've got an unholy mess, that's what you've got.  The woman at the check-out stand, upon my mentioning the horror lurking down the vodka aisle, shuddered and said she had actually sampled it during a demo tasting the previous week, and the stuff was nasty.  

    Gee. Do you tell me so?  Smoked salmon flavored vodka is nasty?  Who'd o' thought it?

    The other flavor is Birch Syrup flavored vodka, which is probably more palatable.  Could scarcely be less, could it?

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  • Well that is ridiculous, salmon flavored vodka, and then there's the odd flavored ice creams. Why?? I ask, why mess up peppermint, chocolate, vanilla, etc. ? Oh well, I don't have to buy them. And don't!

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