Month: May 2011

  • Yesterday was the annual ballet performance.

    This makes the, what....fourth year in a row of going to see Meredith and Margaret dance?  Such a pleasure it's been, watching them progress in the art of ballet.  I remember when they'd be doing the "sit on the floor and fan their feet in and out" routine, but now they're really dancing!  Meredith was pirouetting up a storm as a fairy in "Cinderella."  Margaret was in the Dutch dancers scene (the Prince had to search all over the world for his errant ladylove, you see).

    Above you can see Meredith in blue in front.  Her name's been helpfully posted as an additional aid to identification.  ;^)  

    I fear I got video of Margaret's dance, but no action stills.  She's the third Dutch girl from the right.  With her name underneath her. 

    The costuming was terrific!  That's the Prince (played by the teenage son of one of Kirstin's friends, Courtenay, who was the Fairy Godmother and is getting married today - Courtenay, that is!  Talk about a full weekend!), the Wicked Stepmother, and the Stepsisters.

    This year the performance ran a good 2 1/2 hours, due to having a couple of jazz pieces at the beginning, then after "Cinderella" was a pair of flamenco dance numbers, followed by THREE Irish dances (no step dancing, Mom).  Made me a bit late to volunteer at a wedding, but by golly, I wanted to get the photo of the two girls that I always take.  Weren't they beautiful?  

    Next Saturday is Bridgette's very first dance recital, being held at TCU.  heart


  • According to a COBRA info page, I'm just out of luck.

    When the company stops the company's insurance, all COBRA stops too.

    Great.  Going to be 60 next month and now no insurance.

    Kept intending to go to the dentist, and procrastinated.  That was a mistake, seeing as how doubtless my dental coverage has disappeared as well.

    I'm giving serious consideration to going to Braum's and getting on the outside of a big ol' sundae.  Counterproductive, under the circumstances, but is surely better than reaching for the vodka bottle when it comes to seeking a temporary mood elevation.  silly

  • Well, now what? Terra Telecom went bankrupt.

    That's the company Don was working for when he died, and through which I had my health and dental insurance.

    Went to refill prescriptions and found the insurance hadn't been applied.  The pharmacy people told me it looks as if I must have been sent a new card awhile back, as the group number isn't working.

    Well, I called BCBS and was told there's a problem with the whole group - IOW, it's not just me - and it was terminated at the end of February.

    Googled the company and discovered it went out of business on February 27.

    Not one word to me, and I sent money for my insurance just last month.  

    NOW WHAT??!??!

    My property taxes have been raised ridiculously high and now I find out I don't have insurance because the company went bankrupt, with no courtesy of notification.

    How can this be Thursday?  Feels like Monday.

  • Well. If one is in the mood to see a grim, depressing movie, I know of one.

    Tonight I went with a few other women to see "Water for Elephants."  I'd briefly checked a blurb about it before signing up to go, but either I didn't read far enough down or the blurb was misleading, for had I the least notion what the film was about I'd have avoided it like a platter of shellfish.  

    Depressing.  Grim.  Violent.  Adultery.  

    This movie had precious few redeeming qualities, though I will acknowledge the acting was decent, and the sets and costuming was excellent.

    Pity the story was a bummer.




    Once the lions and other wild beasts were let loose on the spectators in the Big Top, I grabbed my coat, smiled apologetically at the woman next to me, and vamoosed.  When little girls are tripping and falling while a hungry lion approaches, I consider that a signal to make tracks.

    However, it was not a total loss, as I'd never been to the new Movie Tavern on West 7th (well, a block to the south, but those who live here know what I mean) and had wanted to go, they made a quite delicious Caribbean Rum Punch (or something like that), and a tasty creme brulee.  Adding in the ticket price (I received the senior discount without asking for it, and am torn as to how I feel about that), that was a pricey drink and dessert, but they did provide some pleasure.

    As usual, the previews didn't show anything particular I'd want to see.  How on earth do the movie theaters stay in business these days?  wtf