May 12, 2011

  • Well, now what? Terra Telecom went bankrupt.

    That’s the company Don was working for when he died, and through which I had my health and dental insurance.

    Went to refill prescriptions and found the insurance hadn’t been applied.  The pharmacy people told me it looks as if I must have been sent a new card awhile back, as the group number isn’t working.

    Well, I called BCBS and was told there’s a problem with the whole group – IOW, it’s not just me – and it was terminated at the end of February.

    Googled the company and discovered it went out of business on February 27.

    Not one word to me, and I sent money for my insurance just last month.  

    NOW WHAT??!??!

    My property taxes have been raised ridiculously high and now I find out I don’t have insurance because the company went bankrupt, with no courtesy of notification.

    How can this be Thursday?  Feels like Monday.

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