May 15, 2011

  • Yesterday was the annual ballet performance.

    This makes the, what….fourth year in a row of going to see Meredith and Margaret dance?  Such a pleasure it’s been, watching them progress in the art of ballet.  I remember when they’d be doing the “sit on the floor and fan their feet in and out” routine, but now they’re really dancing!  Meredith was pirouetting up a storm as a fairy in “Cinderella.”  Margaret was in the Dutch dancers scene (the Prince had to search all over the world for his errant ladylove, you see).

    Above you can see Meredith in blue in front.  Her name’s been helpfully posted as an additional aid to identification.  ;^)  

    I fear I got video of Margaret’s dance, but no action stills.  She’s the third Dutch girl from the right.  With her name underneath her. 

    The costuming was terrific!  That’s the Prince (played by the teenage son of one of Kirstin’s friends, Courtenay, who was the Fairy Godmother and is getting married today – Courtenay, that is!  Talk about a full weekend!), the Wicked Stepmother, and the Stepsisters.

    This year the performance ran a good 2 1/2 hours, due to having a couple of jazz pieces at the beginning, then after “Cinderella” was a pair of flamenco dance numbers, followed by THREE Irish dances (no step dancing, Mom).  Made me a bit late to volunteer at a wedding, but by golly, I wanted to get the photo of the two girls that I always take.  Weren’t they beautiful?  

    Next Saturday is Bridgette’s very first dance recital, being held at TCU.  heart


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