May 2, 2011

  • Well. If one is in the mood to see a grim, depressing movie, I know of one.

    Tonight I went with a few other women to see “Water for Elephants.”  I’d briefly checked a blurb about it before signing up to go, but either I didn’t read far enough down or the blurb was misleading, for had I the least notion what the film was about I’d have avoided it like a platter of shellfish.  

    Depressing.  Grim.  Violent.  Adultery.  

    This movie had precious few redeeming qualities, though I will acknowledge the acting was decent, and the sets and costuming was excellent.

    Pity the story was a bummer.




    Once the lions and other wild beasts were let loose on the spectators in the Big Top, I grabbed my coat, smiled apologetically at the woman next to me, and vamoosed.  When little girls are tripping and falling while a hungry lion approaches, I consider that a signal to make tracks.

    However, it was not a total loss, as I’d never been to the new Movie Tavern on West 7th (well, a block to the south, but those who live here know what I mean) and had wanted to go, they made a quite delicious Caribbean Rum Punch (or something like that), and a tasty creme brulee.  Adding in the ticket price (I received the senior discount without asking for it, and am torn as to how I feel about that), that was a pricey drink and dessert, but they did provide some pleasure.

    As usual, the previews didn’t show anything particular I’d want to see.  How on earth do the movie theaters stay in business these days?  wtf

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  • I read the book, and it was pretty awful.  Definitely don’t care to see the movie.

    Katherine and I saw Jane Eyre for her birthday last week — now there’s a movie worth watching!

  • So what was the purported importance of this film?

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