April 17, 2010

  • Three months from this VERY MINUTE....

    .....God willing, naturally....Mom and I will be on the Maasdam in Boston, preparing to set sail for points north and east!

    Yee, as they say, HAW! e-banana

    I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. Canada! Iceland! Greenland! England! Ireland! Norway! Holland!

    Wow, wow. e-batting

    It's my fervent hope there's wireless available on the ship so I can blog as we go. Which brings up a story Mom just called to tell me that she'd read: a representative back in the Revolutionary times, Hamilton Otis, attended the funeral of George Washington, and knowing that his wife back in Boston was agog to hear about it, he wrote a letter describing it as it happened, then sent it to her by courier.

    By jingo, he was live blogging before live blogging was cool, as best he could. e-ghost

    Last night I went to the Curtis Needs a Ride improvisational comedy performance at Christ Chapel's "den", and there's a new member of the cast as Steve Rupp is moving to Chicago. Ricky - that's his name - was sent out of the room and the audience provided an activity, location and person for him to have to guess: witchcraft, Saskatchewan, and Mr. Bean. He got the first without a whole lot of trouble, but the last two were hard. Flu, Grayson and Austin managed to give him sufficient hints, though. Improv cracks me up. Don never cared much for it, but I love it.

    It's been raining all afternoon, but I'm thinking it's going to stop soon, as the sky is lightening. This would be good as in an hour I leave to volunteer at a wedding. Very messy weather for a wedding, it's been!

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  • YEAH! Sounds like a WONDERTRIP!

  • Oh WOW!  Sounds wonderful!  :dancingcow:

  • I'm so excited for you and Grandmama. That will be so much fun. I hope, even if there isn't wireless internet, that you will go ahead and blog daily (in a word document), and then post them to your blog when you get back. I would love to read all about your adventrues, even if it isn't live : )

  • I'm sure there will be wireless, but it's outrageously expensive, so be prepared for that! Maybe every other day. :)

    It does truly sound wonderful. I know you'll have a super time!


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