April 10, 2010

  • Prom night!

    It doesn't seem like that many years since I posted photos of Charles going to his senior prom, and now here's Dmitry escorting Carolyn to the Southwest High School prom. 

    Alex had a tuxedo that fit Dmitry nicely - and the shoes, too! - and he took everything to Carolyn's to change.  I showed up a bit after 6:30, to take pictures and drive them to the Hilton downtown.  We made a quick detour to let Mom get to see them, too.  ;^)

    Aren't they a beautiful couple?  And I love this picture of Mom adjusting Dmitry's tie a bit:

    Being in a t-shirt and jeans, I wasn't much of a match to them, but still...how often does one's youngest child head off to the prom?

    The biggest smile on Dmitry's face came when he had his picture taken with his Grandma.  For his mother he looks pleasant....for his grandmother he beams:

    He his Grandma. 

    As I said, it was my lot to take them downtown to the Hilton, which wouldn't normally have been a problem except this is the weekend of the Main Street Arts Festival (Cherrie and Forrest, I was Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, and the festival does go all the way to where the hotel is!), plus there was something going on at the convention center (the hotel is across the street from it), and there was something going on at the Bass Hall.  All told, it made traffic a misery, what with so many streets closed off, and stretch limos all over the place, and crowds of people.

    After the prom (though they aren't planning to stay the whole time) Carolyn's parents will collect them, then they'll go back to her house, change, head to IHOP for a bite, then soak in her hot tub. 

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  • Wonderful photos - love the ones of Dima with Mrs G! Keepsakes, both of 'em.

    Clean up well, don't they? Beautiful couple indeed - and how handy that Alex's tux fits Dmitry! :)


  • Wonderful pics. Hal was tickled (probably not the right word for a guy) to hear Dmitry tell him he was going to the Southwest HS prom, b/c of course, Hal went to that same prom many moons ago.

  • Look at that, a big smile! I can't help but think of Dmitry's birth parents and how grateful they would be to you, Anne for putting that smile there. You've done a rare and lovely thing indeed!

  • I love these pictures! And am proud of Dmitry! He came here not knowing a word of English, and here he is, going to a highschool prom with a lovely young woman and looking fine!! Yea for all who had a hand in giving him a hand in getting where he is! And yea to Dmitry for his tenacity! :celebrate:

  • And don't forget Carolyn!  She looks beautiful and I love her dress!  I hope they had a great time!  Love, Aunt Jeanne  (PS:  Dmitry did look great)

  • He's a handsome young man.  Did he have a good time?  I love her dress too.  I'm amazed that she wore a full gown.  I've seen so many nasty short dresses.  2 thumbs up.

  • Congratulations~~God Bless~~

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