November 20, 2009

  • The first anniversary of my much-loved Don's death is rapidly approaching.

    A year ago this evening was when he drove home from the trade show in Corpus Christi, and was clearly no better.

    Nine days later the LORD gathered him to Himself.

    It's almost impossible to believe it's been almost a year.  It's also almost impossible to look back and see what a work the LORD has done in my life since then.

    Yesterday wrapped up the fall "semester" of Women in the Word at Christ Chapel, which had been on selected psalms.  One of the tasks - if one chose to do it - was to write a psalm of thanksgiving (we were studying Psalm 30).  This isn't posted to show off or anything (except in my fallenness, it probably is), but rather to let y'all know how I'm doing and how the LORD has been a source of strength and love, and has brought me through this tough time:

    LORD, Your promises are true and reliable.
    Though my foot slipped in the mire of grief,
    You held fast to me with Your right hand.
    When the center of my world was taken away,
    I found You lovingly catching and holding me.
    When wracked with despair and overcome with fear,
    Your drew me into Your Word, where I found solace.
    When bitterness and sorrow threatened to overwhelm me,
    You lifted my head, heart, and eyes to see You.
    Thank You for loving me enough to break my heart
    Then putting it back together again, stronger than before.

    Praise to You, Christ Jesus!  To You be all glory and honor, now and forever! 

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  • I lost my Mom a year ago. November 03. It was the worst kind of pain. But I put my life in Gods hands not long after that and I have to say- I didnt know that it was possible to be this happy again. I have been through alot of changes in the last year but none have been bad! I found my true friends and the Love of My Life!
    I Love the poem you have posted- I hope that you dont mind if I share it. My best friend lost her husband and soulmate last September and I think she should read it.
    God Bless You!
    Love- Laura

  • I'm so sorry about the death of your mother, Laura. What a heart-wrenching loss! :brokenheart:

    It's wonderful to read that the LORD has come alongside you and sustained you during that time.

    Thank you for the kind words about my psalm, and of course you may pass it along to whomever. Too kind!

  • I've been thinking about you this past week, dear one. I knew the one year date was coming close (and couldn't believe it, myself) Watching you as your world was turned inside out has been bitter and sweet, weeping with you in the extreme sorrow and rejoicing as you found the Father's hand enclosing you and carrying you.

    That is a beautiful poem of trust. How the Lord has worked in your life. I love you! pray for you often!

  • I've been counting the days down as well, and admittedly their has been an ever-increasingly trickle of despair that has accompanied the approach of the one year date. Just a bit, and it is mostly paired with unsettling memories, but with it comes fear of more. Thank you for posting your beautiful, comforting, and inspirational psalm - it brings hope and happiness to places in my heart where sadness has a tendency to settle. I love you

  • Anne, thank you for sharing not only your psalm, but also the journey that brought you to this place today. We all know it's been tremendously painful to watch, and we know it had to have been worse to experience, but here we are, one year later, and you have so many reasons to praise God's holy Name, and I am thankful.

    Weeping with you in gratitude, dear one.


  • What a wonderful verse, thanks so much for sharing it.  I feel weepy, but so very thankful that the Lord has lifted you from despair.  I pray for you and your children to hold on to these sentiments during the time to come.  I love you all, Jeanne

  • Said it before, will say it again: You are an example to me. A very human one....which is why it is such a comfort. God has really been kind to His people, and it is good to see a living example of this.

  • Thisw is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. It is so amazing to watch what God is doing in you and through you. I am in awe of Him. How loving and merciful and gracious He is. I love you. You are such a blessing to me - the most loving mom-in-love a girl could have. :love:

  • That is beautiful Anne!

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