November 18, 2009

  • What. A. Day.

    Nothing awful, mind....just frustrations, mostly brought on by the guy I got to install the carpet in the master b/r and the off-shoot room.  He was supposed to be here "early" this morning, and when he hadn't shown up at 10 I called him.  Oh yeah, he's coming, but he'd forgotten he needed to take his granddaughter to the doctor.

    Gee, nice of you to call me and let me know, bub.

    Finally it was time for me to leave for lunch and a meeting at the Woman's Club, and when I arrived home around 2, it was to find a small, beat-up SUV sitting in the shared driveway, with a man relaxing in the passenger seat, his right foot propped up on the open window.  

    Went inside to find Dmitry, Zhenya and Larry (Kenny's son) hard at work moving the furniture from the bedroom.  The installer came by himself, and apparently doesn't include moving furniture, at odds with the custom here (I'm aware installers in other areas of the country may not move furniture, but it's expected in the DFW area).  It's one thing to not bring a helper (though he certainly needed one and Larry and Kenny spent a fair amount of time helping him haul the rolls of pad and carpet around), but it's something else to sit on one's rear while the people in the customer's home work. 

    I was so mad I could have spit nails.  Stomped out to go to Lowe's to get the mineral spirits Kenny requested; was still on simmer when I got home. 

    Turns out he doesn't haul the old stuff away, either.  Or vacuum when he's finished.  His sole, lone saving grace is that he did a good job installing the carpet. 

    What would he have done had I been here alone?  Expect me to move furniture and carry rolls of carpet? 

    Then the pest went off and left a cordless drill here (presumably he lent it to facilitate the dismantling of Brianna's captain's bed), so will have to return for it next week.  Suffice it to say I shan't be requiring his services in future.

    The brake lights on Jessica's car weren't working (thanks to Zhenya for noticing!), so Larry looked and said one of them was the wrong size, and while it worked for a bit, eventually it'd shorted out, taking the other one with it.  He and Jessica headed to Pep Boys to get replacement bulbs, got back, and discovered one was cracked.  Back Larry went to the store.  Good news is that he did get them replaced and they work fine.  Having people around who know their way around automobiles is definitely handy. 

    On the plus side, the dining room paint came out nicely (same green as is in the living room), and Kenny and Larry stained the unfinished cabinets I'd bought to be hung in that room.  The plan is to have them above the new (to me) buffet.

    Not that I actually have the furniture I bought last Saturday, as it's been a busy week and I just today decided to break down and hire someone to move my stuff to Kirstin in Keller, then get the "new" furniture and bring it here.  Got someone from the classifieds, and hope it turns out better than the carpet installer I found on Craigslist.  Larry had rolled his eyes at me yesterday about it, and his dire predictions about hiring someone from Craigslist proved unfortunately accurate. 

    It's about to be DONE, though.  The house, that is.  There's still the ceiling in the hall that's badly waterstained, and a few odds and ends, but the big stuff is nearly finished.  Really.  I mean it this time.


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  • You all have done a fantastic job!!! Can't wait to see when all is "finished" tho in my experience, that rarely happens.

  • I have an excellent tape & bedder/texture fellow - a good Christian and very reasonable.  His name is Terry Wilson - 817-905-3243.  (I guess you got the source of the water damage fixed.)

    Before hiring other work - I'll give you my password to Angie's List.  Sorry about your terrible experience with the installer.  You can write up a review for him on Angies List and save someone else from using him!

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