November 23, 2009

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  • With three indoor kitties, and an indoor dog we thought hardwood floors would simplify things. It does to a certain extent, but there are ALWAYS balls of fur all over the floor no matter how often I vacuum them up. We're having someone over for Thanksgiving and I am terrified there might be fur balls accumulating again, or, heaven forbid, a hair in the food! But the alternative is to get rid of them and we are just not going to do that, so I guess I better just learn to live with it.

  • "Virtually?" :tongue:

    I have two friends with two opposite approaches to this.

    One has her kids really, really well trained and works hard to keep things nice. And she's not always nagging or anything -- I think she just has a good system in place, plus the kids have her "neat and elegant" genes, and her mother-in-law's home is similar, so I suppose her husband doesn't have trouble with the program, either, and seems to appreciate it.

    The other's house looks pretty much like a cheerfully run preschool (though her kids are all school age now.) It's quite clean and orderly enough for functioning, but it never looks like anywhere you'd want to host a really "grownup" affair of any sort. Craft supplies are everywhere, toys stored in plain sight in the living room, the dining room completely given over to kid-oriented stuff, etc.

  • You know what I'd like? To simply live my life and not care much. But I do.

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