September 6, 2009

  • Mercy Maud, is it Sunday already?

    Where does the time go when one is having fun?   

    Let's see.  On Friday Elaine, the girls, and I went to the Creation Museum, which was very cool.  I went to the planetarium show so we split up, meaning I didn't have many photo ops. Boo.  Here are the poppets with the dinosaur at the entrance:

    After the museum we hurried up to Cincinnati where I was picked up by my friend, Jennifer, while Elaine drove on to the airport at Columbus to pick up Hal.

    Tell you what, I love Ohio!  Beautiful state, and the people are wonderful.  There's a Russian Winter Night (or something like that) in February and I'm seriously considering mooching on the Frenchs again and coming up for it.  There will be photos of the Russian festival when I get home, because I forgot the Eye-Fi reader thingummy so as to be able to log on somewhere other than home. 

    Friday evening we sat outside for dinner, then yesterday was the aforementioned Russian festival, followed by a visit to downtown Cincinnati and Findlay's market.  After dinner everyone - including a couple of the girls' friends and another couple -  went to Graeter's ice cream for dessert.  Cookie dough chip ice cream!  Very good!  So far I've had excellent ice cream in Georgetown and Cincinnati.  Hmmmm....wonder if Indianapolis has a local ice cream spot? 

    This morning was the service at Faith Evangelical Free Church, which had a great sermon about the veracity and reliability of Scripture, then lunch at Skyline (I had the 3-Way).  This afternoon Jennifer and I went to the mall, and this evening was fondue and sitting around the table and laughing ourselves silly.

    Tomorrow Jennifer (and maybe Dave) will drive me to Indianapolis and Eleanor. 

    BTW, today is my Faithful's 2d birthday!  Bridgette turned two a week ago on August 30th, of course, when they had a joint party.   

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  • you get to visit The Queen AND Craigellachie? *covet covet*

    say hi and hugs and you are having SOMUCH fun, is it legal? LOL

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